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Boxes auctioned for $10 could be compilation of Osho’s work

Boxes auctioned for $10 could be compilation of Osho’s work

Indian Express

Pranav Kulkarni : Pune, Mon Dec 23 2013, 04:26 hrs

An attachment with the PIL throws light on how Osho’s original works — his art, audio and videos — may have travelled to the US and were, in fact, auctioned at a mere $10 in December 2009. The attachment is a legal document by the Connecticut Superior Court dated May 17, 2011. While the present status of the case could not be traced, the works are yet to be reclaimed, stated the PIL.

According to the document titled Memorandum of decision on motion for summary judgment, based on assertions by plaintiffs Osho International Foundation (OIF) and American Multimedia Corporation, “the materials could conceivably constitute a compilation of the life and works of Osho”.

According to the document, OIF — an international non-profit organisation — was formed to hold assets and perpetuate the teaching of Osho aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and American Multimedia is an Arizona Corporation owned and controlled by the foundation.

It also states that American multimedia was in contract with one Uncle Bob’s Self Storage since 2001 where eight boxes of older audio visual equipment, such as a Betcam recorder, DAT audio player, a tape cassette, audio spool players regarding American Multimedia and its employees, unpublished original works of art and creative writings subject to international copyright laws “regarding the foundation, its founder and employees” were stored. Upon American Multimedia failing to pay the bills of Uncle Bob’s between September and December 2009, Uncle Bob’s auctioned these boxes, which were brought by one Brian O’Neill for $10. O’Neill is the defendant in the said case.

As per this document, till May 17, 2011, the foundation had failed to reclaim any of the material, which “could constitute compilation of Osho’s life and works”. O’Neill also apparently attempted to sell the property in the open market, states the document.

While claiming in the PIL that “in 2001, 96 huge boxes containing Osho’s original audios, videos, books, paintings and some belongings and important documents were transported to the US and kept in some private ware house,” Sandeep Kulkarni — who has filed the PIL — said “the works are still to be retrieved” and raised the question of how Osho’s works went out of India in the first place.

Ma Amrit Sadhna, spokesperson of Osho Commune, refused to comment on the specific details of the PIL.–10-could-be-compilation-of-osho-s-work/1210732/2



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