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Chapter-9 Meditation Techniques

Gibberish Meditation
I am introducing you to a new meditation. It is divided in three parts.
The first part is gibberish. This is a cathartic technique, which encourages expressive body movements. Either alone or in a group, close your eyes and begin to say nonsense sounds-gibberish. The word `gibberish’ comes from a Sufi mystic, Jabbar. Jabbar never spoke any language, he just uttered nonsense. Still he had thousands of disciples because what he was saying was, “Your mind is nothing but gibberish. Put it aside and you will have a taste of your own being.”

To use gibberish, don’t say things which are meaningful, don’t use the language that you know. Use Chinese, if you don’t know Chinese. Use Japanese if you don’t know Japanese. Don’t use German if you know German. For the first time have a freedom — the same as all the birds have. Simply allow whatever comes to your mind without bothering about its rationality, reasonability, meaning, significance — just the way the birds are doing.

(Excerpted from: Live Zen; Chapter #17)
First stage: 15 minutes.
Either alone or in a group, close your eyes and begin to say nonsense sounds – gibberish. For fifteen minutes move totally in the gibberish. Allow yourself to express whatever needs to be expressed within you. Throw everything out. The mind thinks, always, in terms of words. Gibberish helps to break up this pattern of continual verbalization. Without suppressing your thoughts, you can throw them out – in gibberish. Let your body likewise be expressive.

Second stage: 15 minutes.
Then, lie down on your stomach and feel as if you were merging with mother earth. With each exhalation, feel yourself merging into the ground beneath you.
Osho Born Again Meditation
This meditation lasting two hours a day for seven days can be done alone or in a group.

Be playful. It will be difficult, because you are so much structured. You have an armor around you and it is so difficult to loosen it, to relax it.
Put aside knowledge, put aside seriousness; be absolutely playful for these days. You have nothing to lose. If you do not gain anything, you will not lose anything either. What can you lose in being playful? But I say to you: you will never be the same again.
In these days I want to throw you back to the point where you started being ‘good’ as against being natural. Be playful so your childhood is regained. It will be difficult because you will have to put aside your masks, your faces; you will have to put aside your personality. But remember, the essence can assert itself only when your personality is not there, because your personality has become an imprisonment. Put it aside.
Regain your childhood. Everyone longs for it but no one is doing anything to regain it. Everyone longs for it! People go on saying that childhood is paradise and poets go on writing poems about the beauty of childhood. Who is preventing you from regaining it? I give you this opportunity to regain it.

(Excerpted from: The Supreme Doctrine, Chap-1)
First Stage: One Hour
You behave like a child, just enter into your childhood. Whatever you wanted to do, do it – dancing, singing, jumping, crying, weeping – anything at all, in any posture. Nothing is prohibited except touching and interfering with other people.
Second Stage
For the second hour just sit silently. You will be more fresh, more innocent, and meditation will become easier.

Meditation for Children Upto Twelve Years

This is a meditation for children and their teachers to do together at the beginning of each school day. But it should not be made compulsory.

First Stage:
Five minutes gibberish. The children should be given total freedom to shout, scream, and express their feelings.

Second Stage:
Five minutes laughing. They should be allowed to laugh totally. By this their minds will be more pure and fresh.

Third Stage:
After gibberish and laughter they should lie down for five minutes – still and silent as if they are dead, only the breathing comes and goes.

Meditation for Children Upto Twelve Years
Later Osho added a further step for teenagers, introducing a five minute crying period after the laughter and before the silence for children over twelve years.

5 minutes gibberish
5 minutes laughter
5 minutes crying
5 minutes lying down as if dead

Move back into the womb
Before you go to sleep…. Just sit in your bed — sit in a relaxed way — and close your eyes. Feel the body relaxing…. If the body starts leaning forwards, allow it; it may lean forward. It may like to take a womb posture — just as when a child is in the mother’s womb. If you feel like that, just move into the womb posture: become a small child in the mother’s womb.
Then just listen to your breathing, nothing else. Just listen to it — the breathing going in, the breathing going out; the breathing going in, the breathing going out.

I’ m not saying to say it — just feel it going in; when it is going out, feel it going out.
Just feel it, and in that feeling you will feel tremendous silence and clarity arising.
This is just for ten to twenty minutes — minimum ten, maximum twenty — then go to sleep.

(Excerpted from: God is Not For Sale, Chap-12)
Feel the Silence of the Womb
Let silence become your meditation.

Whenever you have time, just collapse into silence, and that’s exactly what I mean — collapse, as if you are a small child in your mother’s womb. Sit this way and then by and by you will start feeling that you want to put your head on the floor; then put the head on the floor. Take the womb posture, as the child remains curled up in the mother’s womb. And immediately you will feel that the silence is coming, the same silence that was there in the mother’s womb. Sitting in your bed, go under a blanket and curl up. And remain there… utterly still, doing nothing.
A few thoughts sometimes will come — let them pass, be indifferent, not concerned at all. If they come, good, if they don’t come, good. Don’t fight, don’t push them away. If you fight you will become disturbed. If you push them away they will become persistent; if you don’t want them, they will be very stubborn about going. Simply remain unconcerned; let them be there on the periphery, as if the traffic noise is there. And it is really a traffic noise — the brain traffic of millions of cells communicating with each other and energy moving and electricity jumping from one cell to another cell. It is just the humming of a great machine, so let it be there.

Become completely indifferent to it; it does not concern you, it is not your problem — somebody else’s problem maybe, but not yours. What have you to do with it? And you will be surprised: moments will come when the noise will disappear, completely disappear, and you will be left all alone. In that all-aloneness you will find the meaning of… Neerava. That silence is called neerava. And it is possible for you, that’s why I am giving you the name. Do the meditations here, do the groups here, but whenever you are alone, just curl up, go into a womb posture. You follow? A womb posture — just as if you are in a mother’s womb and there is not much space so you curl up, and it is cold, so cover yourself with a blanket. It will become a perfect womb, warm and dark, and you feel yourself very very small. It will give you a great insight into your being.

(Excerpted from: The Open Door, Chap- 15)
Moving from the negative to the positive
Negativity is very very natural. It should not be so, but it is, because every child passes through many negative moments.
First, in the mother’s womb, the child remains in deep negativity. He has to depend continuously on the mother, on her moods. He has no way of showing his own will. If the mother is ill, he is ill. If the mother is sad, he is sad. If the mother is feeling nauseous, he is feeling nauseous. So he has to follow like a shadow. That gives him one of the most basic negative feelings about life — that he is impotent; that he has no energy, no power.
Then he comes out of the womb. The passage from the womb to the world is very difficult. He passes through something almost like death; a great struggle, trauma. It is as if he is being uprooted. He is uprooted. He has lived in the womb, is accustomed to it, and now he is uprooted; completely out of it. He is just like a small plant being taken out of the ground. He feels shaken.

Then comes the hazardous life. Now he has to live on his own. And every moment he learns more and more of negativity. He is feeling hungry — he has to cry and weep. Continuously there is the feeling of being dependent, a slave. And this goes on and on and on.
Then as Whenhe is brought up, everybody is telling him what to do, what not to do — as if he is nobody. He is a small, tiny weakling in the world of giants, and everybody is trying to manipulate him. Deep inside he goes on saying ‘No, No, No!’ On the outside he has to say ‘Yes, yes, yes’. He becomes a hypocrite.

So try this method each night for sixty minutes. For forty minutes, just become negative — as negative as you can. Close the doors, put pillows around the room. Unhook the phone, and tell everybody that you are not to be disturbed for one hour. Put a notice on the door saying that for one hour you should be left totally alone. Make things as dim as possible. Put on some gloomy music, and feel dead. Sit there and feel negative. Repeat ‘No’ as a mantra (laughter).
Imagine scenes of the past — when you were very very dull and dead, and you wanted to commit suicide, and there was no zest to life — and exaggerate them. Create the whole situation around you. Your mind will distract you. It will say, ‘What are you doing? The night is so beautiful, and the moon is full!’ Don’t listen to the mind. Tell it that it can come later on, but that this time you are devoting completely to negativity. Be religiously negative, mm? Cry, weep, shout, scream, swear — whatsoever you feel like, but remember one thing — don’t become happy (laughter). Don’t allow any happiness. If you catch yourself, immediately give yourself a slap! Bring yourself back to negativity, and start beating the pillows, fighting with them, jumping. Be nasty! And you will find it very very difficult to be negative for these forty minutes.

This is one of the basic laws of the mind — that whatsoever you do consciously, you cannot do. But do it — and when you do it consciously, you will feel a separation. You are doing it but still you are a witness; you are not lost in it. A distance arises, and that distance is tremendously beautiful. But I am not saying to create that distance. That is a by-product — you need not worry about it. After forty minutes suddenly jump out of the negativity.

Throw the pillows away, put on the lights, put on some beautiful music, and have a dance for twenty minutes. Just say ‘Yes! yes! yes!’ — let it be your mantra. And then take a good shower. It will uproot all the negativity, and it will give you a new glimpse of saying yes. And to come to saying yes is what religion is all about. We have been trained to say no — that’s how the whole society has become ugly.

So this will cleanse you completely. You have energy, but all around the energy you have negative rocks, and they don’t allow it out. Once these rocks are removed you will have a beautiful flow. It is just there, ready to come out, but first you have to go into negativity. Without going deep into the no, nobody can attain to a peak of yes. You have to become a no-sayer, then yea-saying comes out of that.

(Excerpted from: Be Realistic, Plan For a Miracle, Chap-7)
Laughing Meditation
In the night before sleeping and in the morning try this meditation for ten to forty minutes. Just sitting silently, create a giggle in the very guts of your being, as if your whole body is giggling, laughing. Start swaying with that laughter; let it spread from the belly to the whole of your body: to your hands laughing, and your feet laughing. Go crazily into it. For twenty minutes do the laughing. If it comes uproariously, loudly, allow it. If it comes quietly, allow it. silently, then sometimes silently, sometimes loudly, but twenty minutes laughing. ThenLet your whole body be involved-not just the lips and the throat, but rising up from the soles of your feet and then moving to the belly. Visualize yourself as a small child. If you feel like it, start rolling on the floor. The noise is not so meaningful as the involvement. Don’t remain stiff-relax, cooperate with it. Even if in the beginning you exaggerate it a little, it will be helpful.

Afterward lie down on the earth or on the floor; spread yourself on the floor, facing the floor. If it is warm and you can do it in the garden, on the soil, that will be far better; if it can be done naked that will be even better. Make contact with the earth, the whole body lying down there on the earth, and just feel that the earth is the mother and you are the child. Get lost in that feeling.
Twenty minutes laughter, then twenty minutes earthing, deep contact with the earth. Breathe with the earth, feel one with the earth. We come from the earth and one day we will be going back to it. After those twenty minutes energising — because the earth will give so much energy thatthis contact with the earth your dancing will have a different quality to it — dance for twenty minutes, just any dance. Put music on and dance.

If it is difficult, it is cold, then you can do this inside a room, or when it is sunny, do it outside. If it is very cold, cover yourself with a blanket. Find ways and means but continue to do it, and within six to eight months you will see great changes happening on their own.
This is in the night before you go to sleep. Just ten minutes will do and then fall asleep. Again in the morning, first thing –you can do it in your bed. So the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning. The night laughter will set a trend in your sleep. Your dreams will become more joyous, more uproarious and they will help your morning laughter, they will create the background. The morning laughter will set the trend for the whole day. In the whole day, whenever there is an opportunity, don’t miss-laugh.

(Excerpted from: The Sun Behind the Sun Behind the Sun, Chap-25)
Relieving tension in the face
[A sannyasin asks: When I wake up I feel that my eyes are very tense and my mouth is closed tight, so I try consciously to relax it… since ten, twelve years.]
Just do one thing: every night before you go to sleep, sit in your bed and start making faces — just as small children enjoy doing. Make all kinds of faces — good, bad, ugly, beautiful, so the whole face and the musculature start moving. Make sounds, nonsense sounds will do, and sway, just for ten to fifteen minutes and then go to sleep. In the morning before you take your bath, again stand before the mirror and for ten minutes make faces. Standing before the mirror will help more: you will be able to see and you will be able to respond.

All that you have done is that in yourInchildhood youmany people have controlled yourtheir faces too much. It looks… I can see it: it is a very controlled face, very disciplined.
On your face you have the quality of a marble statue. You Theyhave repressed all kinds of emotions. You Theyhave made you’re theirfaces absolutely non-expressive; nobody can judge from you’re their face what you’re theirfeelingsisare.
Mm, here is Mukta — she is just the opposite. She cannot hide any feeling. If she is angry with me, immediately I know; if she is happy, I know. Just the moment I see her, I know how she is.
Impossible for her! But you have a very controlled face, so this control has to be dropped.
So in the night for ten to fifteen minutes make faces, make sounds, and enjoy it just like a small child, and in the morning before the mirror, so you will become an expert. Within two, three months it will be completely gone. Don’t be worried!
(Excerpted from: Hallelujah!, Chap-14)
Moving from the head to the heart

Anand means bliss and bhaven means feeling. Feel it and you will have it. You are missing it only because you have not looked at it through feeling. And feeling is real life. Thinking is phoney because thinking is always about; it is never the real thing.
It is not thinking about the wine that can make you intoxicated, it is the wine. You can go on thinking about the wine, but just by thinking about the wine you will never become intoxicated. You will have to drink it… and the drinking happens through feeling. Thinking is a pseudo activity, a substitute activity. It gives you a false sense of something happening, and nothing happens.
So shift from thinking to feeling — that’s my indication through your name: shift from thinking to feeling. And the best way will be to start breathing from the heart.
In the day as many times as you remember, just take a deep breath; feel it hitting just in the middle of the chest. Feel as if the whole existence is pouring into you, into your heart exactly in the middle — not on the left, not on the right… exactly in the middle. That is where your heart centre is. It differs with different people; ordinarily it is leaning to the right.
It has nothing to do with the physical heart. It is a totally different thing; it belongs to the subtle body. Your heart is exactly in the middle and that is a good sign, a very good sign, of balance. You can have centering very easily.

So breathe deeply, and whenever you do, do it at least five times — deep breaths; take it in, fill the heart. Just feel it in the middle — that the existence is pouring through the heart: vitality, life, god, nature… everything pouring in.
And then exhale deeply, again from the heart, and feel you are pouring all that has been given to you back into god, into existence. Do it many times in the day, but whenever you do it do five breaths at once. That will help you to shift from the head to the heart.
And you will become more and more sensitive, more and more aware of many things of which you have not been aware. You will smell more, you will taste more, you will touch more, you will see more, you will hear more; everything will become intense.
Ordinarily the senses have become dull… as if much dust has gathered. You hear but it is just so-so, you taste but it is flat. You look too, but the existence does not look psychedelic.

Once these senses are cleaned — and that cleaning happens when you move from the heart…. If you move from the head, senses become dull, dust gathers, because the mind never allows you to feel. Each time you want to feel it gives a substitute.
It is almost as if a child wants the breast of the mother and the mother gives a substitute, just a rubber breast, and the child is happy sucking the rubber breast. Or even sometimes the mother is not there, then the child starts sucking his own thumb; he creates his own substitute. Now, the breast is nourishing; the thumb is not nourishing. Thinking is like the thumb and feeling is like the breast.
So move from the head to the heart and all your senses will become suddenly luminous.You will start feeling life really throbbing in you, ready to jump, ready to flow.

(Excerpted from: The Zero Experience, Chap-4)
Every child is born with an inner capacity; you don’t have to teach the child how to relax. You just watch a child — he is relaxed, he is in a let-go. But you won’t allow him to enjoy this state of paradise. You will soon civilize him.
Every child is primitive, uncivilized. And the parents and the teachers and everybody are after the children to civilize them, to make them part of the society. Nobody bothers that the society is absolutely insane. It will be good if the child remains as he is, is no longer initiated into the society and your so-called civilization.
But with all good wishes the parents cannot leave the child alone. They have to teach him to work, they have to teach him to be productive, they have to teach him to be competitive. They have to teach him, “Unless you are at the top you have failed us.”

So everybody is running to be at the top.
How can you relax?

When, for the first time in India, railway lines were laid down… I have heard a beautiful story: The British engineer who was overseeing the work that was going on was amazed to see that every day a young Indian, a villager, would come and lie down under the shade of a big tree and watch the workers working and the engineers instructing them. The engineer became interested: a strange fellow; every day he comes. He brings his food with him, he takes his lunch and rests, sleeps in the afternoon under the shade of the tree.
Finally the engineer could not resist the temptation and he asked the villager, “Why don’t you start working? You come anyway every day, and you waste your time just lying down watching.”

The villager asked, “Working? But for what?”
The engineer said, “You will earn money!”
The villager asked, “But what will I do with the money?”
The engineer said, “You stupid, you don’t know what can be done with the money? When you have money you can relax and enjoy!”
The poor villager said, “This is strange, because I am already relaxed and enjoying! This is going in such a roundabout way: working hard, earning money and then enjoying and relaxing. But I am doing it already!”

Children come with the intrinsic, intuitive quality of let-go. They are utterly relaxed. That’s why all children are beautiful. Have you ever thought about it? All children, without exception, have a tremendous grace, aliveness and beauty. And these children are going to grow, and all their beauty and their grace will disappear.
It is very difficult to find a grown-up man with the same grace, with the same beauty, with the same aliveness. If you can find a man with childlike innocence and relaxation, you have found a sage.
That’s how we have defined the sage in the East: he attains his childhood again. After experiencing all the ups and downs in life, finally he decides, out of experience — the decision comes by itself — that what he was in his childhood he has to be again before death comes.
I teach you let-go, because that’s the only thing that can make you a sage. No church will help, no theology, no religion, because none of them teach you let-go. They all insist on work, on the dignity of labor. They use beautiful words to enslave you, to exploit you. They are in conspiracy with the parasites of the society.

I am not against work; work has its own utility — but only utility. It cannot become your life’s all and all. It is an absolute necessity that you need food, that you need clothes, that you need a shelter. Work, but don’t become addicted to work. The moment you are out of work, you should know how to relax. And it does not need much wisdom to relax; it is a simple art. And it is very simple because you already knew it when you were born; it is already there, it just has to be made active from its dormant position. It has to be provoked.
All methods of meditation are nothing but methods to help you to remember the art of let-go. I say remember, because you knew it already. And you know it still, but that knowledge is being repressed by the society.

Simple principles have to be remembered: The body should be the beginning. Lying down on your bed — and you lie down on your bed every day, so nothing special is necessary — when you lie down on the bed, before sleep comes, start watching with closed eyes the energy from your feet. Move from there — just watch inside: Is there some tension somewhere? in the legs, in the thighs, in the stomach? Is there some strain, some tension? And if you find some tension somewhere, simply try to relax it. And don’t move from that point unless you feel the relaxation has come.
Go through the hands — because your hands are your mind; they are connected with your mind. If your right hand is tense, the left side of your brain will be tense. If your left hand is tense, the right side of your brain will be tense. So first go through the hands — they are almost the branches of your mind — and then reach finally to the mind.

When the whole body is relaxed the mind is already ninety percent relaxed, because the body is nothing but extensions of the mind. Then the ten percent tension that is in your mind… simply watch it, and just by watching the clouds will disappear. It will take a few days for you; it is a knack. And it will revive your childhood experience, when you were so relaxed.
Have you ever watched? Children go on falling every day, but they don’t get hurt, they don’t get fractures. You try it; whenever the child falls you also fall.
One psychoanalyst was trying some experiment. He announced in the newspapers, “I will pay enough money if somebody is ready to come to my house and just follow my child for the whole day. Whatever my child does, you have to do that.”
A young wrestler turned up and he said, “I am ready; where is the child?”

But by the middle of the day the wrestler was flat on his back. He had already got two fractures, because everything that the child was doing he had to do. And the child got excited: This is strange! So he would jump unnecessarily, and the wrestler had to jump; he would climb the tree, and the wrestler had to climb; and he would jump from the tree, and the wrestler had to jump. And this continued. The child completely forgot about food, about anything; he was enjoying so much the misery of the wrestler.
By the afternoon the wrestler simply refused. He said to the psychoanalyst, “Keep your money. This child of yours will kill me by the end of the day. I am already ready to go to the hospital. This child is dangerous. Don’t do this experiment with anybody else.”

Every child has so much energy, and still he is not tense. Have you watched a child sleeping? Have you watched a child just sucking his own thumb, enjoying it, dreaming beautiful dreams? His whole body is in a deep let-go.
It happens — it is a known fact — every day, all over the world, drunkards fall but they don’t get fractures. Every morning they are found in some gutter and brought home. But it is a strange fact that they go on falling….
I have heard about a drunkard who was coming home and got hit on the head by an electric pole. He looked at the pole and he saw at least eight poles. He said, “My God, how am I going to reach home?”
He tried this way and that way, but nothing helped. Every time the same electric pole would hit him hard. Finally he shouted for help. A policeman came and asked, “What is the matter?”
He said, “I am surrounded by electric poles and I cannot get out. And you know my wife! I have to reach home. It has been almost two hours that I have been struggling! Who has made this? — because in the day I saw that there was only one electric pole!”
The policeman took him out from those imaginary poles. He had been struggling for two hours, but he was not hurt, because a drunkard is relaxed.
I have known accidents in which only drunkards remained unhurt; everybody else was hurt.

Once a train fell from a bridge — that happens two, three times almost every year in India. Bridges simply collapse, particularly the newly built bridges, because there are so many people to be bribed before you can get the government permission to build the bridge, that finally the constructor, the builder, has to take money out of the bridge — he has spent so much. You have to bribe almost every person who is concerned.
Naturally he does not use cement, but only sand. So the first time the train comes on the bridge… with the bridge the whole train goes into the river.
Just near my village, once it happened. I rushed to see: only one man had remained without being hurt, and that was the village drunkard. When I saw him he asked me, “What has happened? In fact, I don’t know why I was traveling in this train. Some idiots put me in the train. I resisted, but before I could get out the train moved and then suddenly I found myself swimming in the river. I don’t know what happened in the middle. The middle portion of the story is completely missing!”

I said, “You just come home with me, because everybody else has to go to the hospital.” A few people were unconscious, a few had died, a few had many fractures, multiple fractures. Everybody was in a mess except that drunkard, who was asking me, “What has happened?”

I took him back home. He was asking me on the way, again and again…”You can tell me, I will not tell anybody.”
I said, “I don’t know. You were on the train.”
He said, “That I know. I remember a few people had pushed me in the train. And I was absolutely reluctant, because I didn’t want to go anywhere. I was going to my home! I thought perhaps the train is going towards my home. And then finally I found myself in the river. But in a way it is good, because for at least two, three months I have not taken a bath. And the cold water in the river has also made my senses come back. I am a little conscious.”
The drunkard will not get hurt, because he does not know he is falling, so he does not become tense. He simply falls without becoming tense. It is the tenseness that gives you fractures. If you can fall relaxed you will not be hurt. Drunkards know it, children know it; how did you manage to forget, Kavina?

Start from your bed, every night, and within a few days you will be able to catch the knack. And once you have known the secret — nobody can teach it to you, you will have to search within your own body — then even in the day, at any time, you can relax. And to be a master of relaxation is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. It is the beginning of a great journey towards spirituality, because when you are completely in a let-go, you are no longer a body.
Have you ever observed a simple fact: that you become aware of your body only when there is some tension, some strain, some pain? Have you ever become aware of your head without a headache?
If your whole body is relaxed, you simply forget that you are a body. And in that forgetfulness of the body is the remembering of a new phenomenon that is hidden inside the body: your spiritual being.
Let-go is the way to know that you are not the body, but something eternal, immortal.

There is no need of any other religion in the world. Just the simple art of let-go will turn every human being into a religious person. Religion is not believing in God, religion is not believing in the pope, religion is not believing in any ideological system.
Religion is knowing that which is eternal within you: satyamshivamsundram — that which is the truth of your existence, that which is your divinity, and that which is your beauty, your grace, your splendor.
The art of let-go is synonymous with experiencing the immaterial, the immeasurable: your authentic being.
There are a few moments when, without being aware, you are in a let-go. For example, when you are really laughing — a belly laughter, not just from the head, but from your belly — you are relaxed without your knowing, you are in a let-go. That’s why laughter is so health-giving. There is no other medicine which can help you more in attaining well-being.
But laughter has been stopped by the same conspirators who have stopped your awareness of let-go. The whole of humanity has been turned into a serious, psychologically sick mess.

Have you heard the giggle of a small child? His whole body participates in it. And when you laugh, it is very rare that your whole body laughs — it is just an intellectual, heady thing.
My own understanding is that laughter is far more important than any prayer, because prayer will not relax you. On the contrary, it may make you more tense. In laughter you suddenly forget all the conditioning, all the training, all seriousness. Suddenly you are out of it, just for a moment. Next time you laugh, be alert about how relaxed you are. And find out other times when you are relaxed.
After making love you are relaxed… although the same company of conspirators does not allow you to be relaxed even after making love. The man simply turns to the other side and pretends to go to sleep, but deep down he is feeling guilty that he has committed a sin again. The woman is crying, because she feels she has been used. And it is absolutely natural to feel so, because she gets no nourishment from love. She never gets any orgasmic experience. Just fifty years ago there was not a single woman in the whole world who had experienced orgasm. In India it is extremely difficult to find a woman who knows what orgasm is.

There cannot be a greater conspiracy against humanity. The man wants to finish the whole thing as quick as possible. Inside him he is carrying THE BIBLE, the KORAN, SHRIMAD BHAGAVADGITA, and they are all against what he is doing. He is also convinced that he is doing something wrong. So naturally, the quicker it is over the better. And afterwards he feels tremendously bad. How can he relax? He becomes more tense. And because he is so quick the woman never comes to her peak. By the time she starts, he is finished. Naturally, the woman starts believing that man is something more like an animal.
In the churches, in the temples, you will find only women, old women particularly. And when the priest talks about sin, they know! It was absolutely sin, because they had gained no pleasure out of it; they were used like any commodity — sexual objects. Otherwise, if you are free of guilt, free of all inhibitions, love will give you a tremendous experience of let-go.
So you have to look into your life, where you can find some natural experience of let-go. Listening to me you can experience a let-go. It happens every day, but you are not aware. I can see your faces changing, I can see your silences deepening. I can see when you laugh that your laughter is no longer chained and handcuffed, that your laughter is now your freedom. I can observe every day: you go on becoming more and more relaxed, as if you are not listening to a talk, but listening to soft music, not to words but to my silences.

If you cannot experience a let-go in my presence here, it will be very difficult for you to find it anywhere else. But there are moments when you are swimming. If you are really a swimmer you can manage just to float, not to swim, and you will find tremendous let-go — just going with the river, not even making any movement against the current, becoming part of the current.
You have to gather experiences of let-go from different sources, and soon you will have the whole secret in your hands.
(Excerpted from: Satyam ShivamSundram, Chap-5, Q-1)



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