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OIF and NY and London Offices

OIF and NY and London Offices

OIF, Zurich has worked in connection with entities in some other countries. In the early 1990s it worked with a legal entity in England called Masterzone, Ltd. I don’t have detailed information about the legal connection between Masterzone and OIF, but Masterzone was an English corporation that appeared to act as OIF’s agent for a period of time, sometimes using the fictitious business name Osho International. I don’t yet have information about the structure of legal entities operating in England right now.

Later, a for-profit company called America Multi-Media Corporation (AMMC) was formed in Arizona, and eventually did business in New York under the fictitious business name, Osho International. AMMC acted as OIF’s agent, but Pramod [Steeg], for some inexplicable reason, kept claiming in the US trademark case that AMMC was a “wholly owned subsidiary” of OIF, Zurich. Statements that Pramod himself filed annually with the State of Arizona declared that OIF had never owned a significant interest in AMMC, but several other legal entities had.

The legal connection between AMMC and OIF isn’t so important, but it is important that anyone dealing with OIF should double-check any assertions about the legal relationships between different entities if those relationships might be relevant. Everyone also needs to be aware that completely different and separate legal entities in different countries use the same corporate names and fictitious business names, sometimes implying a legal connection that doesn’t really exist. For example, Hasya’s office in Pune II as the international secretariat for Osho work was called Osho International, but it wasn’t formed as a legal entity and had no legal connection with Masterzone, AMMC, or any corporation with the name Osho International Foundation.



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