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OIF Products

OIF Products

OIF Products

OIF, Zurich has a few products it claims to license in addition to Osho books and recordings, mediation music, and other music. These include some sets of tarot cards, note cards, and so on.

Most of the products OIF purports to license have some Osho material included. For example, OIF, Zurich had a product with a teacup that included a book of Osho quotes, and both tarot decks and the note cards have Osho quotes as well. This means that OIF, Zurich doesn’t own all the rights in the products it has been producing, since it doesn’t own the copyrights for Osho’s work.

It may own some of the rights. For example, there may be some assignments of artwork or other work done by individuals, but OIF, Zurich still doesn’t have any exclusive rights to the Osho material that is usually included.

OIF, Zurich would own the copyright in compilations if it had work-for-hire agreements with the people who did the compilations. That is, the person doing the compilation has rights in the way the compilation is organized, but that person doesn’t gain any rights he or she didn’t already have in the material being compiled. So a compilation copyright for material that OIF, Zurich doesn’t own isn’t worth very much.

Though OIF, Zurich has some rights in some of the products it purports to license, it has very few more than anyone else. OIF, Zurich is not in a position to stop others from creating their own compilations, tarot cards, note cards, and so on, related to Osho’s work.


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