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Osho members want inquiry into functioning of commune trusts

Osho members want inquiry into functioning of commune trusts

By: Kaumudi Gurjar Date: 2011-10-10 Place: Pune

Suspecting irregularities, two prominent members to send application to Charity Commissioner’s office for investigation

All is not well with the Osho commune. After rumours of the commune being handed over to a private trust got public, two prominent members have come forward and have raised questions on the funds managed by the trusts.

Yogesh Thakkar, alias Swami Premgeet, and Kishore Raval, alias Swami Prem Anadi, are in the process of filing an application to Mumbai’s Charity Commissioner’s office demanding an inquiry into alleged mismanagement of Osho International Foundation and Neo Sanyas Foundation the trusts which manage the Osho International in the city.

OshoA file picture of Osho speaking in the Buddha Hall at the commune
Swami Prem Anadi and Swami Premgeet
This comes after the two had filed an application last Wednesday demanding rejection of application number 87/11 P.T.R. number F14570 (M) filed under Section 36 of the Bombay Public Trusts Act of 1950, which states the pre-sanction of the Charity Commissioner for sale, mortgage or immovable



Premgeetproperty of a public trust is a must irrespective of what is mentioned in the bylaws of the trust.
Sources from the Osho commune said that the 35 acres of Osho commune estimated to be worth Rs 1,000 crore will be gifted to a certain Darshan Trust.
Sources also claim that after the commune is handed over to the Trust, it might be sold to a prominent real estate developer Atul Chordia of Panchil Property.
Asked about this, Chordia sounded surprised and said: “There is no such talk. We have not submitted any tender regarding this. This information is untrue.”
Swami Premgeet said: “The application will be filed to protect the Osho commune.
We suspect some of the Osho International Foundation trustee members have established a company called Osho Multimedia Resorts Private Ltd.”
Swami Premgeet and Swami Prem Anadi allege that the Osho commune has been running in a commercial manner.
Online campaign
AN online campaign Save Osho Premises at Pune is getting support from across the world.
Swami Premgeet and Swami Prem Anadi said followers from Thailand, Malaysia, the UK and the US were in touch with them and had extended their support to the campaign to save Osho premises in the city.




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