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Osho’s Forged Will Surfaces in Spain

Osho’s Forged Will Surfaces in Spain

Pune, September 20, 2013

Twenty three years after the demise of Osho, a forged will by three foreign disciples has surfaced in Spain during a court case for the ownership of Osho’s trademarks.

Osho disciples have challenged this forged will in a Pune court.

The three foreign disciples of Osho namely: Michael O’Byrne aka Anand Jayesh, John Andrews aka Amrito, and Philip Toelkes aka Prem Niren conspired to forge Osho’s fake will. The forged Will claimed to have been executed in Pune on 15th October 1989. To challenge this false claim, a suit has been filed in the Court of the Civil Judge, Pune.

The administrators of Neo Sannyas Foundation aka Rajneesh Foundation and Osho International Foundation with other administrators Darcy O’Byrne aka Yogendra, and an NRI Mukesh Kantilal Sarda aka Mukesh Bharti and others are playing vital role in this conspiracy to defraud India of Osho’s legacy. It is noteworthy that Darcy O’Bryne is the younger brother of the gang leader, Michael O’Bryne.

The forged will has been presented to the Spanish court in a desperate attempt to protect falsely registered trademarks in the European Union (EU). These trademarks were challenged by Osho Lotus Commune in Cologne, Germany, in 2012. This followed a similar case in the US when Osho Friends International from New Delhi succeeded in getting these trademarks of Osho’ name and his meditations cancelled by US Patent and Trademark Office.

In the Pune case, the plaintiffs, Osho Friends Foundation, has submitted that the main reason to forge Osho’s Will is to control the assets of Osho’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for their personal gains outside India. Osho’s IPR cover his discourses, books and his meditations.

Earlier, Osho Friends Foundation filed a petition in Bombay High Court against the same group alleging to divert the ownership of Public Trust Properties and Trust Funds valued over Rs. 303 crores to their privately owned companies.

Osho’s Forged Will Surfaces in Spain

The plaintiffs have submitted to the Court to restrict the implementation of the Will by passing an injunction on the will. If this happens, the Spanish court will be guided by this order. If this is not done, Osho’s legacy, a most valuable spiritual treasure of India, will be lost forever.

The Osho Legacy includes Archive of 9,000 hours of audio and 1,870 hours of Video discourses/ speeches in Hindi and English. Osho books are transcribed in Hindi and English over 650 titles, which are now being translated in 65 languages around the world. Further, Osho’s Legacy includes one of the biggest private libraries in the world containing more than 80,000 books situated in His ashram at Koregaon Park, Pune. In addition, Osho’s Signature arts, original archives, meditation music and therapies created under His direct guidance are important part of His legacy. The Osho Heritage/Legacy also include His Samadhi situated in His ashram at Koregaon Park, Pune 411001.

For Osho Friends Foundation, Pune.

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Cell No: 91-9049455099

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