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Osho’s ‘will’ surfaces 23 yrs after death, property feud heats up

Osho’s ‘will’ surfaces 23 yrs after death, property feud heats up

Indian Express
Partha Sarathi Biswas : Pune, Fri Sep 20 2013, 03:17 hrs

The ongoing battle for proprietary rights over the property of self-styled godman Osho has taken a new turn. The faction currently controlling the extensive property has come up with what is purportedly the last will and testament of Osho, 23 years after his death.

The will was produced by Swami Prem Niren in a Spanish court that is hearing a suit filed by Osho Lotus Commune over the trademark claims over Osho International Foundation, Zurich. Meanwhile, the rival faction of Yogesh Thakkar (Swami Prem Deep) and others, including Osho Friends Foundation, has claimed that the will is forged.

The will dated June 16, 1989, is drawn up in Pune and has named Anand Jayesh (Michael O’Byrne) as the executioner. The document has the signatures of Swami Amrito (John Andrews) and Prem Niren (Philip Toolkes) as witnesses and bequeaths all “rights and titles to Neo Sanyas International Foundation”, a Swiss charitable foundation.

The incident has taken by surprise the disciples of Osho who have been battling the issue of proprietary and intellectual right over Osho’s writings and properties. Thakkar and some other disciples have filed a suit in the court of Justice U L Pathak, civil judge junior division, contesting the will, alleging that it is forged.

In their suit, they have questioned the sudden appearance of the will, 23 years after Osho’s death. Also, they have stated that Osho had made it clear on more than one occasion that he would not have any successor.

“Osho always used to sign documents at the eight o’clock position, while in the will the signature is at the five o’clock position. Also, if O’Byrne had the will in his possession for the past 23 years, why had he kept silent about it?” asked Thakkar. The suit had asked for ad interim relief for the will. Ma Amrit Sadhan, spokesperson of the Osho Commune, declined to comment saying the matter is sub judice.–will–surfaces-23-yrs-after-death-property-feud-heats-up/1171606/

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