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Police inaction will help forgers leave the country

Police inaction will help forgers leave the country


January 10, 2014

Complainant Swami Premgeet fears that the three foreign nationals accused of forging Osho’s will may flee India, as their passport details haven’t been sent to the Foreign Registration Office

A month after an FIR was lodged by him on behalf of Osho Friends Foundation (OFF), Yogesh Thakkar alias Swami Premgeet fears that police laxity will hamper the course of investigation.

Swami Prem Anadi and Swami Premgeet
Where there’s a will… Complainants Swami Prem Anadi (left) and Swami Premgeet allege that police inaction will hamper the case. File Pic

Swami Premgeet had filed a complaint with the Koregaon police against six administrators of the Ashram and Osho International Meditation Resort, for allegedly forging spiritual Guru Osho’s signature and producing his fake will in the court of the European Union to claim the rights and income from Osho’s intellectual property worth crores of rupees.

On December 8, a case was registered under sections 465 and467, 471, and 120 (7) of the Indian Penal code, following which the police issued a notice to trustees asking them to produce the will.

Swami Premgeet alleges that Koregaon police officials have conveniently forgotten to provide the passport and visa details of the three foreign nationals booked in the case to the Foreign Registration Office (FRO).

As a result of this alleged lapse, their details could not be appended with the Ministry of External Affairs.

The complainant fears that this delay may help the three foreign nationals leave the country, thereby hampering investigations.

When MiD DAY contacted the FRO, an officer confirmed that even after a month the local police station has not shared the passport and visa details of the foreign nationals booked in the case.

The officer, on condition of anonymity, said, “It is true that Koregaon Park police station informed us about the offence being registered against the foreign nationals, but officials were unable to provide us crucial details such as nationality, passport and visa details of the persons involved in the crime.”

The officer added, “These details are essential so that they canbe shared with the Ministry of External Affairs so that the ministry can issue a look out notice to stop them from crossing the border.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police (FRO) Dr Rajendra Mane said that the information shared by his officer must be true, but refused to comment on the same.

The controversy

Spiritual leader Osho also known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh died in Pune on January 19, 1990. However, there was no mention of any will left behind by him in the press conferences held by the Osho trustees following his death. But, 23 years after his demise, a document was presented as Osho’s will by the trustees during court proceedings in the European Union. The typed will dated ‘Poona in 1989’ bearing Osho’s signature states that he is bequeathing all properties in his name, including ownership and publishing rights to Neo Sannyas International Foundation. Osho’s followers in India were alerted to this development in June, last year. Pune-based Osho Friends Foundation led by Yogesh Thakkar alias Swami Premgeet filed an FIR against six administrators — Michael Byrne (O’Byrne) alias Swami Anand Jayesh, D’Arcy O’Byrne alias Swami Yogendra, Philip Toelkes alias Prem Niren, John Andrews alias Swami Amrito, Mukesh Sarda alias Swami Mukesh Bharti and Klaus Steeg alias Pramod — alleging forgery.

The other side

Police Inspector Rejendra Mulik from Koregaon Park Police station, speaking to MiD DAY on Thursday, said that he has issued summons to Swami Mukesh Sarda alias Swami Mukesh. However, Inspector Mulik was unable to say why details were not shared with the FRO.

Police Inspector Shivaji Kamble of Koregaon Park Police station said, “The will in question dates back to 1989. Give us at least 24 days to investigate, and besides the will in question is not in India”

When MID DAY contacted Mukesh against whom Koregaon Park Police station issued summons yesterday, he refused to comment on the issue and said that the matter was sub judice.

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