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Pune: Osho Disciples Demand To implement High Court Order

Pune: Osho Disciples Demand To implement High Court Order

Koregaon Park, 19th January 2023: On the occasion of Osho’s death anniversary, several disciples of Osho had gathered at the gate of Osho International, Koregaon Park, Pune to visit the Osho’s Samadhi and five other Samadhis including Osho’s parents and of Osho’s disciples.

An order of the Bombay High Court (WP no. 14212 of 2021) dated 11.08.2022, states, “there is no prohibition for the petitioner or devotees to visit the Samadhi. The directions are also given to protect the Osho Samadhi. The petitioners or devotees can certainly visit the Osho Samadhi”.

The disciples said that despite seeking police protection and assistance in implementing the High Court’s Order of allowing the devotees to visit Osho Samadhi; Osho International management refused to grant entry to any of the devotees to visit the Samadhi if they wear the Osho Mala, a mala which was given by Osho himself during initiation into Sannyas, to the disciples/ devotees. And as per his directions, the tradition continued even after Osho left the body for over a decade.

“We even suspect that they have kept the other five Samadhis in dilapidated condition, and have even cordoned off three out of the five Samadhis. Even the media personnel were refused entry into the Osho Ashram premises to investigate the state of Samadhis . By denying entry to the disciples today, the OIF management has committed a contempt of the court order. And the petitioners are determined to move the High Court in this matter”, the disciples said.

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