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USPTO Decision

USPTO Decision

Hearing: October 30, 2008 Mailed: January 13, 2009


Osho Friends International
Osho International Foundation

DECISION: plaintiff’s petition to cancel is hereby granted on the ground of genericness as to Registration Nos.
1815840; 2180173; and 2174607. Plaintiff’s petition to 82 Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary of English (2009).
Opposition No. 91121040 cancel is further granted on the ground of mere descriptiveness as to Registration No. 2322901.
Accordingly, these registrations will be cancelled in due course.

Plaintiff’s oppositions to the registration of application Serial Nos. 75834601; 76159554; 76159553; 76060676; 75683097; 76210213; 76158894; 76158895; and 76158893 are sustained on the ground of mere descriptiveness.

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