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Why isn’t India acting, ask Osho followers

Why isn’t India acting, ask Osho followers

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Friday, 13 June 2014 – 8:07am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: DNA

Rajesh Rao

Pune: It seems that recent Swiss ruling suspending Osho International Foundation (OIF) board in Zurich, is a good news for all Osho lovers and sannyasins throughout the world.

The Osho disiciples hope that if the Swiss government can protect its interest by their recent ruling, suspending Osho International Foundation (OIF) board in Zurich, the India government should order an inquiry into the alleged misappropriation within Pune based Osho International Meditation Resort (OIMR)

In a recent Swiss ruling, the five member board of Zurich based OIF has been provisionally suspended and their signatory rights annulled, by the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations (ESA), Switzerland.

Swami Prem Geet (Yogesh Thakkar), who has filed a petition in High Court last year against the alleged misdeeds of the trusts and trustees based in India, said, “The law, Charity Commissioner and Pune police have failed to act on time. Indian government is losing millions of dollars in revenue every year. We hope after the news from Switzerland, the Indian government should do the same.”

He said that the OIF board members are the same people who are running OIMR in Pune.

Another Osho disciple, Swami Prem Anadi (Kishor Rawal) said that the Indian trustees in foundation based in India are just a body of puppets acting on the directions of Zurich based OIF board.

Long time disciple of Osho, Sw Jagdish Bharti (Jagdish Gupta) said, “The Indian government can at least order an inquiry into the OIMR affairs based out of Pune and follow with an action if they find any misappropriations.” He said in the process Osho’s work should not get disturbed.



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