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Amrit Sadhana Responds to DNA article

Amrit Sadhana Responds to DNA article
Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, 10/9/2011
In response to the article published in DNA on 9/9/2011.
Some highlights regarding expansion of the meditation resort over the years since Osho left his body.
– First of all, there has been no application made to sell property of the meditation resort.
– Secondly, with the permission of the Charity Commissioner, our property #9 has a mortgage against a small bank loan for renovations and upgrades that have occurred over the last three years including substantial costs to implement a world class security system. This loan practice is in the ordinary course of business, is current and in good standing and falls within our standard operating model.
– The management committee has been in place for over 20 years as is the case for the Trustees and Directors
– For your information, in terms of operations Osho International entered into a Joint Venture with Godrej Properties in order to carry out the construction of the Osho Guest House and the world famous, Osho Auditorium with a construction cost of 32 crores. 65 % of the construction cost of 32 crores came to the foundation from sales profits.
– Over the 20 years since Osho left his body, 110,000 square feet of developed space has been created for use. When Osho left his body there was a total of 15,000 useable square feet, so in effect we have increased useable square feet by seven times!
– In addition, in this time we have added the front road development and the award winning Osho Teerth Park.
– Regarding the people named in the article, Jayesh, Amrito and Yogendra, it should be noted that Jayesh and Amrito were respectively personally appointed Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Inner Circle by Osho.
– All three have a major focus on International Media and making Osho available. To that end, Osho in now available in printed books in some 60 languages, and has been seen by some 19 million people on the Osho International YouTube Channel. Osho has a yearly digital reach of over 350 million digital impressions through, digital mediums including,, FaceBook and Twitter. While it took almost 30 years to have Osho published in the mentioned 60 languages it has taken just two years to have Osho video talks translated to that same figure.
The trustees and management team will continue with best efforts to best support the Osho proposal.
Amrit Sadhana
Management Team


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