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Ban Jayesh, Amrito and Mukesh

Today is a special day, and I feel like writing something very special. Internationally, the covid situation is being relaxed and people are getting ready to travel. India is already welcoming international people, but I am very angry– very angry at 2 persons who happen to be our sannyasins. I feel that they should not be allowed to come to Pune. Who are these 2 persons? Many of us do know their names: Jayesh and Amrito. Even if they come to Pune, they should not be allowed to hold any power position at the ashram–it is ok they are there for meditating, but should not be allowed to do any administrative work. Both of them have been very destructive to our NeoSannyas movement, and Osho’s work. They have destroyed the very spirit of sannyas. 

And if Jayesh is not allowed, we would get rid of his brother Yogendra or Raj, whatever he prefers to call himself, as he is packaged with Jayesh. He derives all his power to rule and misrule the ashram just because he is Jayesh’s brother. Another person who is also part of the package is Mukesh, who has always been obeying Jayesh blindly for his own profit motives, should not be allowed to hold any position. He, too, can be welcomed to meditate at the ashram. 

This morning, I was listening to a very melodious music The Sacred Temples of India by Chinmaya Dunster, and it is so good that simply by listening to it, one feels settled within. This music stirred my heartstrings. And I had flashes of my intuition, that how these two people–Jayesh ( who is always drunk with power) and his assistant Dr. Amrito (who is always drunk anyway) have been consistently destroying everything that is sacred to our Sannyas movement. This crime they have been committing since the year 2000, but long before this year, they had been planning secretly, and none of us knew what they were up to. Gradually, the proofs started emerging. Truth has its own way of manifesting–and it did manifest by itself. 

It started with Osho’s Samadhi, which was Samadhi for all of us, and they themselves continued calling it Samadhi for 10 more years. And after that, when most of the members of the first group of the inner circle have disappeared or were replaced by Jayesh’s handpicked dummies inducted into the circus, the real power got concentrated in the hands of the only 2 persons–Jayesh and Amrito. Since then the speed of the destructiveness became very visible and speedier.   

As we see some Akshik records by Osho’s secretary Anando ( on the Web ), it is written as the following: 

November 18, 1989 a.m.

Re: Samadhi/Osho leaving His body

This morning Osho told Anando that After He leaves His body, His room should be made completely beautiful like a temple. It should be re-marbled, preferably white marble with green stripes. 

Osho instructed that his bedroom should be transformed into a place that gives the feeling of a temple.  And we know that the area surrounding this temple cannot be sold just like that. In the year 2000, Anando also left, after being inactive within the inner circle, these two manipulators started their games turning everything sacred into mundane and saleable. They needed the signatures of the Indian trustees, and for that they used Mukesh to get it all done according to their wishes. 

You may say that calling Osho’s bedroom a temple smacks of religion. No, when Osho uses the word “temple”, doesn’t mean any religion, but simply a place of meditation, a Dhyan Mandir. Meditation creates certain energyfield of divinity, and the vibrations of this place help more people to fall into a meditativeness. This is what is sacredness, whether you call it temple or not. Similarly, the place where there was Osho’s bedroom which Osho instructed to remove all the unnecessary stuff and make it empty, shunya, and keep His ashes in the same place, it is no longer just a bed, but a samadhi-sthal of an enlightened master, hence very sacred. At the same place, Osho gave discourses, sannyas inititaion and energy darshan for over a decade, what more is needed to declare it a sacred place. 

But this duo Jayesh and Amrito, and their spokesperson Amrit Sadhana have been so stubborn to keep calling it a ChuangTsu Bedroom. This is very uncivilised and uncultured behaviour. And if thousands of sannyasins are opposing them, these sannysins are fully justified. They would not like to see any such insensitive people as the administrators of a Sacred place, dedicated to their spiritual master.  I felt like expressing this anger openly which is being felt by innumerable Osho lovers around the world, that these 2-3 people who have done their criminal activities, should not be allowed in the ashram any more. These 2 people have directly or indirectly, through their Indian agents, have banned hundreds of innocent Osho sannyasins, now it is time that these perpetrators of crime should be banned from entering the ashram gates. They will not be disallowed if they come to the ashram for meditation only, otherwise they should think that they are banned from now on. 

Swami Chaitanya Keerti


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