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Chapter 1 – Life is energy

Nine Sutras

Chapter 1

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Sun of Consciousness

Chapter #2

Chapter title: The Universe — A Family

17 October 1970 pm in Poona, India

Chapter 1

Life is energy

Yoga has nothing to do with Islam, Hinduism, Jainism or any other religion. But Jesus or Mohammed or Zarathustra or Buddha or Mahavira or anyone who has realized the truth, has not realized it without passing through Yyoga. Except for Yyoga, in its wide dimensions, there is no way for life to rise to the state of inner paradise bliss. The so-called religions are nothing but belief systems, but yoga is not. Yoga is a systematic methodology of scientific experiments experimentation done in the search for the truth of life, and not for belief systems.

Hence, the first thing that I would like to say to you is that Yyoga is a science, not a belief. For experiencing Yyoga, one need not have faith of any kind. ; Tto experiment with yoga, superstitious belief of any kind is not needed. An atheist can enter into its experiments as much as a theist can. Yoga does not bother whether you are an atheist or a theist.

Science does not depend on your concepts beliefs. On the contrary, you have to change your concepts beliefs because of science. Science does not expect you to have any kind of prior reasoning or any accepted beliefs, it only expects you to experiment. Science says, : dDo and see. Because scientific truths are real truths, they do not need required any faith whatsoever. Two and two make four, ; it is not an assumption. And if someone does not accept it, he is the one who will be in trouble; himself — it is not that the truth of two and two making four will be in trouble.

Science does not begin with assumptions, it begins with investigation. In the same way, Yyoga does not begin with assumptions, it begins with a search, a quest and an investigation. Hence, all that is required is the capability capacity to experiment. Only the capacity to experiment is needed; , only courage to search is needed, nothing else.

When I say Yyoga is a science, I would like to talk to you about some sutras key points that are form the fundamental basis for of the science of Yyoga. These key points, these sutras, have nothing to do with any one religion, because but without them no religion can stay alive. These sutras do not need the support of any of the religions, but without their support religion as such cannot exist even for a moment.

The first sutra of Yyoga is: that life is energy LIFE IS ENERGY.

For a long time science did not agree with this, but now it does. For a long time science used to think thought that the universe is matter. But those who declared thousands of years before the discoveries of science discovered this, those who declared that matter is an untruth, a lie, an illusion , did not mean that it does not exist . bBy illusion illusion they meant that it is not as it appears, or that it does not appear to be what as it really is.

But in the last thirty years, science has in its every single step has been in accord with Yyoga. In the eighteenth century, the declaration of the scientists was that God is dead, that the soul has no existence, and that matter is all that there is. But iIn the past thirty years, the situation is has been reversed. : Sscience has had to say that matter does not exist, it only appears to exist; that energy alone is the truth. It is due to only because of the fast movement of the this energy that matter appears to be exist.

The walls of this building are visible, and if someone tries to pass through them, he will break his head. will get broken — hHow then to say then that the walls are illusions illusory? They are clearly visible. There is ground underneath your feet. ; Iif there is not, then how are you standing on it? No, science is not saying in this sense that matter does not exist in this sense. Science It says so this in the sense, that things are not as they are appear to us. If, we run when an electric fan is going very fast, its three blades will stop appearing to be three, it is because the blades will are run running so fast that the empty space between the blades will be is filled up before it can be noticed perceived by our eyes. If the fan is run going very fast, the separate blades will not be seen, only a revolving circle will be noticed that is revolving observed. You won’t be able to count and say how many blades there are. If the fan can be is run even faster, you cannot won’t be able to throw a stone through the gaps. ; Tthe stone will fall back onto the thrower’s side. If the fan can be is run even faster, as fast as the atoms are moving, then you will even be able to sit stand on the fan comfortably. You will Nneither will you feel the gaps, nor will you fall, nor will you notice that underneath you the blades are running truning. Bbecause the time taken by the blade to fill the gap will be less than the time taken by your brain to register the gap. Before your feet can inform your brain that a blade has left a gap behind, the next blade will comes and fills the gap. Thus, if the gap can be bridged before it really exists for you, you can happily easily stand on it. , as if you were standing on a solid, stationary surface.

In the same way wWe are standing on surfaces in the same way. The electrons in the atoms are revolving at such a tremendous speed that things seem to be static. But nothing in existence is static, ; the objects that seem appear to be static, are all moving. Had there been only objects moving, even then there would be no difficulty. But as science went on breaking things down analyzing, it came to know that after the atom there remains no matter remains only energy particles, electrical particles remain. Even to call them particles is not right, because particle again gives the idea of matter. Hence a new word, ‘quanta’ quanta, had to be coined in the English language. Quanta Quanta means particles and no-particles at the same time particles and a waves simultaneously. There can only be waves of electricity, not particles. Energy can have only waves, not particles. But because of our old language we go on calling them particles. There is nothing like a particle. In the eyes of science, the whole universe is an expansion of energy, electrical energy. And this is the first sutra of Yyoga: Life is energy LIFE IS ENERGY.

The second sutra of Yyoga is: There are two dimensions of energy, one is existence, the other non–existence THER ARE TWO DIMENSIONS OF ENERGY: ONE IS EXISTENCE, THE OTHER NON-EXISTENCE.

Energy can be in existence as well as in nonexistence. When energy is in nonexistence, the universe turns into becomes a void. When energy is in existence, the universe comes into creation. Yoga understands that anything that is ‘, will becomes is not. Whatsoever is ‘, ends up as is not. Whatsoever has a birth, has a death. Whatsoever has existence, has nonexistence too. Whatsoever is seen can also become unseen. Yoga understands that in this universe everything has double dimensions. ; Iin this universe, nothing is uni one-dimensional. We cannot say that a man was born and he did not die. Howsoever However much we may prolong his life span, we will have to come back to the same question – point: that he must have died at some point juncture or he will die some time sometime. It is impossible to even to conceive that one pole of something is birth and the other pole would will not be death. It may be far away, far, far away, the distance may seem to be endless, but the other pole is a must certainty. Every pole must have its opposite pole, just as a coin must have two sides. It seems is simply impossible that there can be a coin having that has only one side. Iit cannot be. The second side has to be, because for one side to be, the other side is an absolutely a must certainty.

So Tthe second sutra of the science of Yyoga is: Everything is two-dimensional. One dimension is of existence, th e the second dimension is of nonexistence. The universe is, is; it can also become isnot. We are, ; we can also become are not. All that is, can become isnot. By isnot,” you do not take the meaning understand that it will exist in some other forms. No, it may simply become nonexistent. Existence is one side, nonexistence the other. It seems difficult to conceive how existence can come out of nonexistence. How can existence become nonexistence? But if we look at life all around us, we will realize that each moment, what is not, will be, and what is that will move into ‘is-not’ not-being.

Our sun is becoming colder and colder every day. Its rays are getting lost into the void. Scientists say that it can remain hot for four million billion years more. In four million billion years, all its rays will have dissipated into the endless space, ; then it will also become void. If the rays can disappear into the void, they must also be arising from the void, otherwise how will can the void come into existence? Science says that our sun is dying, but other suns are being born in some other places. From where what are they being born? They are being born out of the void.

The Vedas talk about a time when there was nothing; the Upanishads also say there was a time when nothing existed, and the Bible also talks of the time when there was nothing. Out of that nothingness is born all isness, “ and the isness goes on disappearing into nothingness each moment. If we take the whole existence as one, then too we will have to accept a nonexistence beneath it.

So, the second sutra of Yyoga is: means that Eevery form in existence has its nonexistence attached to it.

Energy has two dimensions existence and nonexistence. Energy can be and it also can also not be. Hence Yyoga’s understanding is that creation is only one side, the other side is annihilation. It is not that all this will exist for ever! forever. It will disappear, it will be destroyed. , and Iit will go on becoming again and again. For instance, if you break a seed and look into it, there is no trace of any tree there. No matter how much you search, you will not find any trace of a tree. But the tree certainly comes from this small seed. You have never thought about that what is not found in the seed. Wwhere does the tree it come from then? And such a huge tree was hidden in such a small seed! And then, after giving birth to seeds, that tree dissolves. Exactly like this, the whole existence comes into being and then dissolves. Energy comes into existence and then merges into nonexistence.

It is very difficult to catch hold of nonexistence. Existence is of course visible to us. Hence, according to Yyoga, those who accept only existence,

those who understand believe that existence is all, are seeing only leela, the play of life. And to know only the play is ignorance.

Ignorance does not mean that one does not know. ; Iignorance means, that one knows only the play. Knowing as such is there. ; Eeven if one knows that he does not know, then too the knowing is there. So the knowing is in all of us. So, And ignorance does not mean not knowing. The most ignorant of all beings also knows some things. According to yoga, Tthe meaning of ignorance according to Yoga is to know only half.

And remember, the halftruth is worse than untruth. Bbecause it is possible to be free of from untruth, but to be free from halftruth is very difficult. It appears to be the truth and it is not. If it is wholly the untruth, purely the untruth, then it won’t take any time to be free from it. But if it is a halftruth, it is very difficult to be free from it.

There is one more reason, that a thing like truth cannot be divided into halves. because Iin dividing it into halves, it dies. Can you divide your love into half? Can you say, “I half love you half” to somebody? Either you love or you do not love, but halflove is not possible. Can you say, “I do half stealing steal? Maybe you steal half a rupee dollar, but the stealing of half a rupee dollar is also full stealing, and the stealing of half a paisa million dollars is also full stealing. Half so is the stealing of half a cent cannot be done. Halfstealing cannot be done. Half of a thing can be stolen but the stealing itself cannot be half.

The very meaning of half is that you are in illusion.

Yoga says that those who see only the existence are grasping only the half. And he who grasps only the half, lives in illusion, lives in ignorance. No, the other side is also there. A man who says, “I am born but don’t want to die,” is clinging to the half. He will suffer; he will live in ignorance. And no matter what he may do, death is bound to come because the other half cannot be parted with. If you have accepted birth, death is the other half of it, it is comes together with it. A man who says, I will choose only the pleasures, not the pains, is falling into a fallacy. Yoga says, that the moment you choose only the half, you fall into error. Suffering is only the other side of pleasure, it is the half part of it. Hence, one who wants to be peaceful will have to be know restlessness also. There is no way out.

Yoga says, that to avoid one half is ignorance. They are together. But we do not see the whole. ; Wwhat is seen by us we see first, we hold on to. it aAnd we go on denying the other side without understanding that when I we have held onto been holding on to one half, the other half is waiting behind it. It is just waiting for an opportunity. ; Iit will soon appear soon. Yoga says: Eenergy has two dimensions, and one who understands both the dimensions, moves into Yyoga into union. One who holds onto on to half, becomes a non-yogi, an indulger non-meditative person.

One who holds onto on to half, is called we call an indulger. ; Oone who holds embraces the whole, we call a yogi, a meditator.

Yoga Yoga means the whole total. Yoga Yoga means addition, union. In the language of mathematics also, Yoga yoga also means total addition. And Iin the language of spirituality, also Yoga yoga means integrated, the total, the whole, entire.

We don’t call someone an indulger who is an enemy to Yyoga an indulger. We call someone an indulger who holds onto on to half, one who lives considering the half as the whole. A Yogi meditator has come to know the whole, ; hence he holds onto on to nothing.

It is very interesting to note that the holders are those who hold, always half-holders; hold on to the half – but one who has come to know the total, the whole, simply does not hold onto on to anything. One who has seen that birth and death are one, now wWhy would one who has seen that birth and death are one he hold onto on to birth? And also why too would he one hold onto on to death, when he one knows that death is part of birth. If you know that pleasure and pain are not separate, why hold onto on to pleasure? And Wwhy hold onto on to pain also when you know that pain is associated with pleasure? In fact, the one who knows that pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin, they are not two things, they are two dimensions of one thing, is a yogi meditator. Hence a yogi meditator goes beyond clinging.

It is useful to understand the second sutra rightly. : Eenergy has two forms. aAnd we go on making efforts to cling to one form. Someone clings to youth and then suffers old age. ; Hhe is not aware that the old age is the other part of youth. In fact, youth means a state that is growing old. ; Yyouth means a journey to towards old age. And remember, an old man does not become grow older so rapidly as a young man does.

Youth means energy to become old. Old means the spent out energy of youth, the finished energy of youth. They are two sides of one coin. One is the front door of the house, the other is the back door.

Theists and atheists cling to one or the other half of all the dualities of life birth and death, pleasure and pain, existence and nonexistence. Hence, as Yyoga sees it, both are ignorant. The theist says: , God is. A theist cannot even think that God can also be nonexistent. But the theist is very weak because he is putting God outside the law. Laws are applicable to all alike. If there is a God, his its nonexistence will also be there. The atheist is clinging to its the other part. ; Hhe says that God does not exist. But anything which is not, can also happen exist. And to deny it so strongly indicates the fear that maybe He is. God does exist; Ootherwise there is no need to deny it. When a theist insists that God does exists and he is ready to fight for it this, then he is also showing his fear that Gad God may not not exist. ; Ootherwise why does it matter! ? Iif someone says there is no God, let him say it. A Ttheist is ready to fight because he is holding onto on to one part of his God. It is one and the same thing whether you accept birth or you accept God’s existence but the other part is being denied. You may cling to only the birth part, the birth half of your life, and deny the death part, the death half. You may cling to the existence part, the existence half of your God, and deny the non-existence part, the non-existence half. You are always denying the other part, the other half. Yoga accepts both existence and non–existence, it accepts that they are not separate. Hence the yogi meditator accepts the atheists, also because the latter atheist has half the truth, and he accepts theists also too, because the theist also carries half the truth. And halftruths are more dangerous than untruths. The second sutra is: Eexpansion of energy between the duality.

Between darkness and light there is expansion of only one thing, not two. But it seems to us as if there are two things. If you ask a scientist, he will deny the existence of two. What we call darkness, is nothing but less light. , Aand what we call light, is nothing but less darkness. The difference is in the of proportion. Hence, there are birds that can see in the dark. For you, it is dark. ; Ffor or them, it is not dark. Why? because Ttheir eyes are capable of catching ever such very faint light rays. And it is not only that it is difficult to catch such faint light, your eyes are not capable of catching the light even when it is very bright either. If very bright light is thrown onto into your eyes, they will go blind instead of seeing and be unable to see. There is a range of seeing also. too: Bbelow it, there is darkness, and above it there is also darkness. because tThe range is in which small where we can see the light is small. But the darkness is also a proportion of light. The difference is not qualitative but quantitative. There is no difference in the quality, the difference is only in quantity only.

Have you ever thought of about heat and cold? We think they are two things. , but Nno, they are not two. It will be very easy to understand this with heat and cold. But wWe will say they are two things; . because heat gives us heat, then how can we accept that they are one? When we sit in the shade, how can we accept that the shade is the heat of the sun? No, I am not saying that you should accept that they are one and stop sitting in the shade. All I am saying is that what you call shade is nothing but a lesser amount of less heat. , Aand what you call blazing heat is nothing but a lesser amount of less coolness.

Sometimes tTry an experiment, sometime. mMake one of your hands warm by keeping it near a stove and the other hand cold by keeping it on ice, and then dip both the hands into a bucket full of water. Then you will be in a great difficulty to say whether the water in the bucket is hot or cold! One hand will say it is cold, the other hand will say it is hot. Water in the same bucket cannot have two temperatures. Aand your hands are giving two lots of information. The hand which is cold will feel the water to be hot warm and the hand which is hot will feel the water to be cold. Coolness and heat are relative.

The second sutra of Yyoga is: Birth and death, existence and nonexistence, darkness and light, childhood and old age, pleasure and pain, cold and heat, are all relative terms. They are two names of the for one thing.

If you understand this second sutra well, then many things will become easy to understand. The other side of everything is always there. Whenever you choose one side of a thing, keep it in mind, that you have also chosen its other side. When you say to someone with love, “Now I have met you and would not like never want to be separated from you ever,” then understand correctly well that separation is already present in your meeting and it is going to happen. In fact, even at the time of meeting, lovers say, “I am very much afraid of losing you.” They are aware of the existence of the other side, ; otherwise right now, when it is time to meet for meeting, where is the question of separation? When we are meeting, we are just meeting. But no, at the very time of meeting, separation is also present like a shadow. When you make someone a friend, understand that one more potential enemy is born. It is certain that unless you make someone a friend, he cannot be turned into an enemy. So far, no way has been found to turn someone directly into an enemy. To become an enemy, one has to go through the process of being a friend. Even to become an enemy, the route way passes via through being a friend. Yoga says, : know that the enemy is standing behind like a shadow.

In every desire in life, if you keep remembrance of its opposite, too, the clinging will disappear. If an enemy knocks at your door, you will be able to see also the friend that has come with him. It always does comes. The friend is the shadow of the enemy. ; Tthe enemy never comes without it.

So, for one who has entered into the world of Yyoga, if happiness comes, he simply allows it to come, ; he does not give it a big welcome, because he knows what it has brought brings hidden behind it. And when misery comes, then he welcomes that too because he knows what is coming next, behind after it. He maintains his equilibrium, and that is the understanding that everything is inevitably connected with its opposite. Nothing exists without its opposite. One has implanted planted the seeds of hatred in the same person one has loved. Whosoever we have met, we have met only to figure out ways to part set the stage for printing. Whosoever we have made ours, we have only created ways and means and facilities to become alien estranged. In By asking for renown fame, one only sows the seeds for his dishonour dishonor. In wWinning, one only invites the defeat.

Lao Tzu once told his friends that he could not be had never been defeated by anyone in his life. Naturally his friends kept quiet there was silent disbelief. Then they asked him to tell them the secret to them also of why no one could defeat him, because they also did not want to be defeated by anyone. But Lao Tzu started laughing loudly and he said, “I will not tell the sutra maxim to the wrong people.” They asked, “How are we wrong? You must tell us how we too may not never be defeated.” Lao Tzu said, “You are bound to be defeated, because one who does not want to be defeated, has already invited defeat. This is my sutra that maxim: nNo one could ever defeat me, because I never wanted to win. One Only he who wants to win, he will can be defeated.”

Lao Tzu was passing through a forest, along with his disciples. The whole forest was being cut. Thousands of carpenters woodcutters were cutting the trees, but there was one tree that was left standing. ; Nno one had touched it. Lao Tzu said, “Go and ask that tree what is the secret of its being safe. Does it somehow know the sutra of Yyoga? Does it know Tao? When the whole forest is being cut, then why is only this tree not cut?” Since Because Lao Tzu had told them to, the disciples went to ask, but they were in a fix as to difficult – what to ask of a the tree? They walked around the tree but how to ask the tree? It was true, not a single leaf was had been picked, not a single branch was has been cut. Its branches were spread to such a distance so wide, the shade was so great, that one thousand hundred of bullock carts could halt stand beneath it. The shadow was too thick. Then they thought, why not ask these carpenters who are cutting so many trees. So Tthey asked the carpenters, “What is the secret of this tree’s being remaining safe? Why are you not cutting it?” The carpenters told them that that this tree was strange. ; Iits wood was so cross-wise crooked that it could not be made into furniture. The disciples of Lao Tzu said, “At least this tree can be used as firewood, surely?” But Tthe carpenters said replied, “This tree is so strange, it emits gives so much smoke when it is burning that it cannot even be made into firewood.” Then Tthey said, “This tree is useless. To cut it is a waste of energy.” The disciples returned and told Lao Tzu, “The secret is that the tree is useless. The wood is not straight and also it emits much makes a lot of smoke when burnt. Even the leaves are not useful as any kind of medicine.

Eeven animals do not eat these leaves. This tree is absolutely useless.” Lao Tzu told them, “Blessed is this tree. Its branches did not try to become straight and hence they are saved from being cut. Can you see Tthe trees that are making efforts to become straight… can you see? They are being cut. The leaves of this tree have not tried to become something, did not try to become tasteful, tasty; and hence nobody came to pluck them. This tree did not try to become something different, hence it has survived they are, and are is in total bliss. Lao Tzu said, “This is my method too. No one could ever defeat me because I did not want to win. For ever and ever I am defeated and already, hence it is difficult impossible to defeat me.

Once On another occasion Lao Tzu told them a story… said, “One man, hearing that Lao Tzu could not be defeated by anyone, challenged me him in a village.” Lao Tzu where he was staying in the village. He Lao Tzu must have said to someone that he could never be defeated by anyone. , and Tthe news spread in the village. Some This man, a wrestler, considered it to be a challenge! and Hhe came in front of to Lao Tzu’s door and challenged him, saying, “I will defeat you.” Lao Tzu said, “You cannot defeat me”. The wrestler said replied, “I will defeat you right now.” A crowd gathered there. The wrestler put on his wrestling gear, remembered his deity and he came to fight. But Lao Tzu fell flat in front of him and said to him, “Come, sit on me.” The wrestler said, “What kind of man are you? The interest in defeating you is gone.” Lao Tzu said, “I had already said that no one could can ever defeat me up till now because I have already accepted the defeat. I don’t want to win. Come and sit on my chest and make it public by beating a drum that you have defeated me. The wrestler said answered, “It is useless to sit on such a man.” The wrestler He touched the feet of Lao Tzu and left for his home. ; Hhe said saying that fighting was useless.

Yoga says, : it is futile to choose between the dualities.

Yoga says: do not make a choice between what in life is always seen as two in life. They are one and the same. It is only a deception. Face value is one thing, at the back behind is something else. Existence and nonexistence, birth and death, happiness and misery, good and bad, moral and immoral, monk and thief, religion and irreligion, are all the expansion of only one thing. Understand them, but do not choose.

By understanding them, one transcends.

The This is the second sutra of Yyoga is: There is duality in energy — existence and nonexistence. THERE IS DUALITY IN ENERGY: EXISTENCE AND NON-EXISTENCE. And where peaks of energy rise, the valleys of energy are also get created. Where existence gets created, becomes manifest, nonexistence is also present. Where there is creation, there is destruction also.

Hence this the East country did has not think thought of the concept of creation alone, but has thought of destruction as part of it. Creation accompanied by destruction, existence accompanied by nonexistence. All things that exist, move to nonexistence. And that which has become nonexistence, is moving back to towards existence.

Have you seen waves on the ocean? The wave that has risen up, is on its way down. , Aand the ebb that is formed next to it, is on the way up. Each moment, everything is entering into its opposite. All things are entering into their opposites. For Oone who has seen this, his wishes, desires and his longings all simply disappear. He does not renounce the desires, they simply disappear, because desire is nothing but a choice.

Yoga’s third sutra…

I told you that existence has two forms. Energy — tThe first second sutra. of yoga is: LIFE IS ENERGY. I told you that the Ssecond sutra of yoga is: energy has two forms — nonexistence and existence. ENERGY HAS TWO FORMS: NON-EXISTENCE AND EXISTENCE. And the third sutra of yoga is: existence has two forms. One we call conscious, the other we call unconscious. EXISTENCE HAS TWO FORMS: ONE WE CALL CONSCIOUS, THE OTHER WE CALL UNCONSCIOUS. But they are two forms, not two separate things. Those whom we call religious people, take it to be two things. ; Tthey assume that consciousness is separate and unconsciousness is are separate, body is separate and the soul is being are separate. But there is no such separateness. If you understand rightly, the part of soul being that is within the grasp reach of the senses, is called the body, and the part of body that is not within the grasp reach of the senses, is known as soul the being.

Consciousness and unconsciousness are two aspects of existence. A stone is lying there. ; Iit exists but it is unconscious. You are standing near it. ; Yyou also exist. There is no difference in existence, both exist, but one is conscious and the other is unconscious. But a stone can become conscious and you can become like a stone. They are convertible. That’s why you eat wheat and it becomes blood. , Tthat’s why iron goes into your body and becomes alive. If we take out all the material from the body of a man and put it on a table, then it is not going to cost more than five rupees dollars. A little iron, aluminium aluminum, phosphorus, and copper, will come out. The major part is water. Hardly five rupees dollars worth of material can be found in a man’s body. But within the body of the man, there is something more, . tThings have become conscious. If your hand is hurt, it feels the pain, and if the same hand had not been part of the body earlier, it would not have felt the pain. Tomorrow it again it won’t be part of your body.

Under the place where you are sitting, at least ten people must have been buried. The So many people that have lived on the whole this earth, are so many that wherever we are standing, on that small place of one square foot, at least ten people’s bodies have turned into dust. All the ten were alive at sometime — some time; today they are lying like dust below your feet. Today you are alive, but for how long? Tomorrow, you will also lie like dust.

Consciousness and unconsciousness are two aspects of the existence. There They are not two existences, but two forms of one existence. Hence they are convertible. Hence unconsciousness can come out of consciousness, the unconscious can move into the conscious. It’s happening every day. Wwe are doing it every day. Every day we are eating unconscious material as our food and it goes on becoming conscious inside us, and every day all kinds of excreta comes out of our bodies and goes on becoming part of the unconscious. So at the one end man is consciousness and at the other end he is unconsciousness. And as he takes the unconscious in, it turns into the conscious within inside him.

Consciousness and unconsciousness are also not two separate things. There has been a great misunderstanding about it also this. Atheists say that only unconsciousness, only matter, exists, but they find great difficulty in explaining this. They feel have difficulty because if there is only unconsciousness, then from where does consciousness come? Then, an atheist like Marx has to say that it is a by-product. ; Cconsciousness is not any a real thing. , Tthis has happened as a result of the meeting and merging of the matter. It is not a an thing, entity but an event. Charvak has to say that man’s consciousness is like a betel man paan wallah, a pan seller, who makes betel pan by mixing lime, catechu catechu, etcetera etc. on the a betel leaf and when you chew it, a red color is produced. That red color is neither in the lime, nor in the catechu, nor in the betel leaf, but it is produced by mixing all the three together produces it. That It is the result of the close contact of them all, that it is a by-product, that it is a cumulative by-product. It is like a case of wine. Iif you take drink all the ingredients separately that constitute the wine separately, you won’t get intoxicated. But when we take them collectively as the wine, they intoxicate us.

So, the language of an atheist, whether it is Charvak or Marx, is different. In fact their difficulty is that consciousness is visible but how to explain it? They have only one way. ; Tthey say that when unconscious things when are mixed together, they produce consciousness. But it is a very unscientific statement and does not feel right coming from the mouth of Marx, who claims to be a scientist. Bbecause anything which is born out of a thing, must be somewhere hidden somewhere in inside it, otherwise it cannot be born. If the red color red comes appears in your mouth from chewing betel, agreed, it was leaves with a few other ingredients, the red may not have been apparent in each thing of them separately; but the red color it was hidden in inside all of them, and it became apparent through them, but it was not visible separately has manifested from their combination. If we drink oxygen and hydrogen separately, the our thirst cannot be quenched. Neither hydrogen contains water, nor does oxygen, contain it but if both are mixed together, water will be formed and then the our thirst will be quenched. From where does this water came come? This water was within the oxygen and the hydrogen but could be was apparent only when the two meet met.

You are sitting alone in a room. I enter your room and we both start talking. Now this conversation does not descend from the sky, ; this was within me and within you. But if you talk alone in the room, people will think you to be are mad. As I am there arrived, no one takes thinks you to be mad; now it becomes convenient to express ourselves.

Anything that manifests, is hidden within the same thing from which it manifests. Hence the claims of atheists that consciousness is simply born out of matter, it does not exist, it did not has never existed, is extremely unscientific. Yoga is not ready to accept them this. Theists talk say just the opposite. Their difficulty is also the same, : they are complimentaries complementary to each other. They say that matter does not exist, ; nothing is unconscious, all that is, is just God universal consciousness. Then Tthe question arises that all that is seen all around, from where does it everything come from that we see all around? So, Shankara says it is illusion, it does not exist, ; it too is a an epiphenomenon, a pseudo existence, it actually does not exist.

The difficulty is the same for a theist as well as for an atheist. The difficulty is how to explain the other part. Because the other part also exists. Hence the difficulty. , and Hhence all kinds of arguments have had to be invented. But they are never able to prove anything through their arguments.

Yoga says, both do exist. Hence Yoga does not involve itself in any round about roundabout logic. It says, both do exist. , Aand it also says that both are not two, ; otherwise there will be trouble for the synthesis of the two. Both They are two aspects of one thing, like, for instance example, like my two hands, left and right. They appear as two, but for me they are not two. To you Tthey appear as two, in you — they seem to be two. ; Ffor me, only one energy is spread in through both. It is interesting ; if I want to I can make my both hands fight! Aand both are only one energy.

Consciousness and unconsciousness are only one existence ; they are two ends of only one existence. Consciousness can become unconscious, unconsciousness becomes the base for the conscious. This is the third sutra of Yyoga.

It is essential to understand these sutras because it is upon these sutras them that the whole structure of all the practices disciplines of Yyoga are is based. The existence of the conscious and the unconscious is now accepted by science. Now science uses a new word: , ‘psychosomatic’ psychosomatic. Previously, it was thought that diseases were of two kinds, physical and mental. ; Oone disease is mental and one is physical, because mind is separate and body is are separate. Now medical science uses a new term psychosomatic psychosomatic or somatic-psychic somatic-psychic. Now medical science says, that no disease is purely mental, nor or purely physical. ; Ddisease is psychosomatic. Both they are the two ends of the same phenomenon.

If your mind becomes sick, your body also becomes sick. ; Aand if your body falls sick, your mind also becomes sick. When I make you drink wine, then I don’t make your mind drink. ; Tthe wine goes into your stomach, it goes in your liver. , Tthe wine does not go into your mind. But as soon as wine goes into the body, mind starts talking nonsense. It should not, but it does. The wine has gone into the body but its effects reach the mind. And when the mind is sick, worried and depressed, the body immediately becomes sad and sick. If a disease is inserted in the mind, the body follows it.

About ten or twelve years ago, A state in America had to make a law called the Anti-Hypnotic Act against hypnotism. A law had to be made against hypnotism, because a strange thing happened in the hostel dormitory of a small college. Four boys were reading a book on hypnotism in which it was written that whatever mind agrees to assume, it will happens. The four decided to see it find out through experimentation, and they made their a fifth boy, associate their friend, lie down and, as was described in the book, they gave suggestions to him to become unconscious. After switching off the light of the room, these four boys repeated loudly to the fifth boy for ten minutes: , You are becoming unconscious, you are becoming unconscious, you are becoming unconscious. That The boy went into a deep sleep within ten minutes and became unconscious. When they pierced a pin into his hand with a pin it went the same remained unnoticed, and when they put clay in his mouth and told him that he was eating sweets he ate it with relish tastefully like a sweet. Then they became more curious. They took stood the boy up and asked him to dance, telling him that he was a dancer, and he started dancing. And they told him that he had become mad and he became mad. Then they asked him the last thing. They told the boy that he was dead, and he died! That is why a law had to be was made that now nobody can hypnotize anyone without prior permission from the government except while doing research in the university or in some hospital or doing in some experiment under a doctor’s supervision. Now Iit is not that against the law for just anybody can to hypnotize anybody. Now tThat boy did had died. ; Tthey told the boy repeatedly to become back to life, alive but there was no one to hear, he had already died.

This incident of in the 1952 1950s surprised the whole world. When some astrologer tells you that you will die on a certain day, you may die. Nnot because the astrologer is saying telling the truth, ; no, it is not so. But if this thought idea settles down deep in the mind, then death can happen. By putting thoughts in the mind, all types of diseases can be created; and also, if the certain thoughts can be put in the mind, all types of diseases can be cured.

One There was a man‘s who house caught fire. He had been paralyzed for two years and could not get up. One day his house caught fire and Hhe was became almost hysterical in delirium. When The fire broke out in the middle of the night and all the family house caught fire, all the members of the family ran out. When tThey came out, they started to worry about wonder what might have happened to the old man of the house. What had happened to him? – because he was paralyzed and would not be able to come out. But at that the same moment they saw that not only was the old man he coming out but also he was carrying his little box with him. They were surprised because the man could not usually the man could not even get up. ! When he came and stood up amongst them, they asked exclaimed, “What? You and you walked?!” Then the old man said, “How can I walk?” He fell down then and there. The paralysis had returned. What happened? This man had no paralysis. This man he had only mental paralysis. His mind had caught paralysis, the body was merely following it.

The opposite can also happen that someone’s body is really paralyzed. and Iif his mind absolutely refuses to accept it, then it will be difficult for the body to continue carry on the paralysis. Hence those who have strong will power can fight any kind of disease, and those who have weak will power willpower, can be troubled by any many kinds of diseases.

Yoga says there are not two things in us like consciousness and unconsciousness. ; In us, there is only one existence and these are two polarities of it inside us. Hence a man can be influenced from by either pole.

In Tibet, there is an experiment known as HeatYoga. There are hundreds of monks who can remain sitting in the snow naked, ; snow is falling all around, snowy winds are blowing, and their bodies sweat! What has happened to them?

These men are experimenting with the Yoga sutra of yoga. They have refused to accept in their minds that snow is falling. With closed eyes closed they are saying that snow is not falling. ; With their eyes closed, they are saying that the sun is burning and its heat is showering raining. And wWith eyes closed, they are saying, “I am burning with the heat.” And their bodies are following it, they are sweating.

In South India, there used to be a yogi named Brahma Yogi. He performed showed some one experiment in three universities, : Calcutta University, Rangoon University and Oxford. He used to drink any kind of poison and within half an hour he would throw it all out through urination. No poison af of any kind could get mixed with his blood. All kinds of xX-rays, examinations were done, taken but it was difficult to understand what the matter was going on. That man He used to say only this much, that I know only know that I say to my mind that I will not accept the poison. So, tThis is my whole secret. But he died after the experiment in Rangoon University. he died after the experiment; tThe poison entered the his blood. His will power willpower would only was working only upto up to half an hour. ; Hhence it was essential that he urinated within half an hour. After half an hour, even he used to become suspicious that the poison may have entered the his blood. For half an hour, he could was able to keep his will power willpower strong. ; Aafter half an hour he used to become doubtful. Doubt is a very strange thing. ; Iit can overpowers even such a man who can keeps the poison away from the bloodstream for half an hour. He left Rangoon University by car and wanted to reach go back to where he was staying. But the car failed on the way and he could not reach his place in thirty minutes, . hHe reached there it in forty-five minutes but in an unconscious state. That Those fifteen minutes became the cause of his death.

There have been hundreds of yogis who have declared their control over blood circulation. You may cut any vein, anywhere on themselves, but the blood will follow the Yyogi’s orders to flow or stop flowing. It will be good if you also do some small experiments. For instance, Ccount your pulse and wait for five minutes. You have Oonly you have to keep be thinking in your mind that your pulse is becoming faster and faster. , Aand after five minutes you will see that the pulse rate has increased. If you experiment for a long time, the pulse can be stopped. also, eEven the heartbeat, more subtle parts, can also be stopped; the blood circulation can also be stopped.

Body and mind are not two things. Body and mind are the expansion of only one thing, different parts of only one thing. The conscious and the unconscious are the expansion of one and the same thing. All experiments of Yyoga are based on this sutra. Hence Yyoga accepts that it the journey can be started from anywhere. The journey it can be started from the body or from the mind. The dDisease, the health, the beauty, the energy vitality, the age, everything is influenced by the body as well as by the mind.

Bernard Shaw had chosen a village twenty miles away from London where he wanted to be buried, to make his grave. A few years days before he died dying, he went to live there in that village. His friends asked him what the reason was the reason for choosing that village. , and Bernard Shaw told them that the reason for choosing that village was very strange. “If I tell you,” he said, “you will laugh. But then there is no harm. Pplease do not laugh and I will tell you the reason. One day I came to this village, just for a casual visit. I went up to the cemetery of the village by way of While wandering around I came to the village cemetery. There I saw a gravestone, on a grave and because of that stone I decided to stay in this village. On that stone in the memory of a dead man was engraved, in memory of a dead man, : ‘This man was born in 1610 and died at an early age in 1710. So, Bernard Shaw said, if one wants to live long, it is good to stay in that this village in which people consider one hunded hundred years to be an early age to die. !” He told it by way of joke, but Bernard Shaw told it by way of a joke, but he lived a long life. It is difficult to say whether if he lived long because of due to that village, but he chose the village it because of that stone. This choice was certainly part of the desire in his mind was certainly part of his desire to live longer.

It is not right to think that in the countries where the average age of death is low, people die because they have a shorter life span less age to live. In these countries Rather, because of the low average age at which people die there, their our expectations about the span of life become smaller. Whenever we start growing old, soon we begin to start thinking about of dying. ; Soon we decide that now the time has come. In the countries where life expectations of age are higher more, people do not decide to die so soon because they feel that the time has not yet come. So, if the thought of dying enters early, its results starts happening earlier. This country, India, has become ready for dying early. If mind is not ready to die, the life span age can be lengthened for quite a pretty long time.

The whole thing depends on the fact that there are two parts to our existence conscious and unconscious. And the universe also has two parts conscious and unconscious. What we call matter is the unconscious part of the universe; and what we call life, is the conscious part of the universe. There is no contradiction between the conscious and the unconscious. Both are connected with each other.

I told you that if someone feels puts his hand on the pulse, the its rate will change differ. Even when a doctor checks your pulse, there are change; is fluctuation. Hhence no doctor can ever check your pulse accurately correctly. When a doctor feels your touches the pulse, your observations, it gives a different reading because your expectations at once affect it. differs immediately aAnd if you are a man and it is a lady doctor, then the difference may even will be more pronounced. ! Your expectations also cause alarm and agitation disorder. Your expectations, your mind, will affect your nerves move the tissues. Hence an intelligent doctor will determine would take the pulse rate with to be a margin of error few numbers less than what it is reading, because you must have raised it a few beats in that moment numbers right now, which were actually not there. Our pulse is directly connected with us and so hence it is influenced by us. But what I am saying is that in the outer world, the inanimate unconscious matter that is visible to us that too is also very much connected with our mind us. The gardener who loves the flowers in his garden… can you think imagine that his flowers will become bigger? You may say that it is madness to talk this that way. But if only gardeners said it made this claim, we could have considered it as madness.…. There is a small laboratory in Oxford University where. Mmany experiments have been done in it on flowers. Many experiments have been conducted in that laboratory. and tThe results are amazing. One A Christian monk said, “If I bless a seed, it will bring bigger flowers.”

In that laboratory many experiments were conducted. Some seeds were sown in From one flowerpot and some were sown in another from the same packet, . some seeds were sown in one flowerpot and some were sown in another. One flowerpot was blessed by the that monk. He stood in front of the flowerpot and prayed said to God, “May its flowers be bigger, its seeds be larger, and may it sprout earlier.” He did not bless the other flowerpot. And the scientists made all every efforts to make sure that both flowerpots got the same similar facilities, the same similar water, the same similar sun, the same similar manure. The results were surprising. The seeds in the flowerpot that had been blessed flowerpot seeds did sprout earlier, brought more flowers, and the flowers lived longer. If it Hhad it not happened with several a few flowerpots, one could have taken it to be some trick, but the experiment was done on several flowerpots and every times and each time the result was the same. What could be the cause? Does man’s mind influence the seeds also?

In fact, there is no wall between the conscious and unconscious.

And wWhat is echoed in the heart, reaches all corners of the universe. , Aand anything that echoes in any corner of the universe, reaches to the heart. We are all a togetherness. ;

Hhence, the fourth sutra of Yyoga... tThe rest of the sutras I will talk on tomorrow... tThe fourth sutra of Yyoga says that in the universe nothing is unrelated. Everything is interrelated relative, ; the world is a family. Here all is joined together, here nothing is separate. Here man is related to stones, ; the moon and stars are related to the earth, ; our heartbeats are related to the moon and the stars, ; our thoughts are related to the waves of the ocean. The shining snow shining on the mountains is related to the dreams of our hearts. Here nothing is separate. Here ; all is related, all is joined together. Here there is no way to be separate, because there is no gap in which between from where things can be separate. To be separate is only an illusion.

Hence Now I will speak about tell you the fourth sutra of Yyoga : energy is united, energy is one family ENERGY IS UNITED, ENERGY IS ONE FAMILY. Neither is consciousness is separate from unconsciousness, nor is existence is separate from nonexistence, nor is matter is separate from mind, nor is body is separate from being soul, nor is Ggodliness is separate from the earth, nor from nature. The very word, the very word separate separate is false. All is united, ; all is together. The words united united and together together give wrong connotations, because we use these words for the things that which are separate. They are only one, just as an ocean has infinite waves, and each wave is connected with the other. The That wave touching your is connected to endless shores is also connected to endless shores which are not even visible to you.

Here all is connected. The sun is at a distance of nearly one hundred million miles from the earth. If the sun becomes cold, we will all die. We will not be able to say ask, “What concern do we have with the sun which is one hundred million miles away? Let it become cold.” We will not be able to light burn the lamps in of our houses. ; Wwe will not even be able to speak, even. We Aall of us will be dead, because we you are getting all our life energy from the sun. But this sun too is connected with other, greater suns. Scientists say that they have counted about one hundred million suns up to now. , Aand they are all connected together. This The counting will never be complete, because there are expanses beyond and beyond and beyond. Iit is endless. In this endless expanse, all is connected and joined together. A flower has blossomed and that too is connected to us. And tThere is a stone lying by the side of the road that too is connected to us. Once you have understood the language voice of togetherness, not only will the pulse will be influenced, but you even those things may be influenced by things which you have never even imagined are not in your imagination at all.

Do an experiment with a needle. Fill a small glass with water and spread some oily substance on the surface over it a little purified butter or a little oil and float a small needle pin in it. Then for two minutes sit down and gaze at the glass. For two minutes your eyes are not to blink. And then say to that needle pin, “Left tTurn left.” You will be surprised that the needle will turn to the left. Say to Tell it, “Right tTurn right,” and you will be surprised that the needle will turn to the right. And say, “Stop!” and it will stop, and then move again to your suggestion.

I used the example of a said ‘needle because you have little will power, ; otherwise even mountains can be moved. Tthat’s why I chose a needle. ! But if a needle moves, there is no reason problem why a mountain cannot move, because what is really is the difference between a needle and a mountain? There is a difference in quantity but no difference in the principle.

Yoga says we are all joined. Yoga says that when one man thinks something bad, then the people around of the surrounding area are also affected by it. There is no the thought does not need to be expressed that thought. When one man thinks something good, then all around in the surrounding area some waves of good thoughts start spreading. There is no the thought does not need to be expressed the good thought. Suddenly, standing in front of someone, you feel a kind of peace descending. Suddenly, standing in front of someone, you feel restlessness arising. You are passing through some place and you feel that the mind has become light. ; Yyou are passing through another some place and you feel that the mind has become heavy. You sit in some house and you feel caught by fear. ; Yyou sit in another some house and your feel that the heart feels is cheerful. These are the effects of the waves coming from all around. These waves are surrounding you from all sides, they have touched you. And it is Nnot only that only you these waves are touching you, you are touching these waves as well. It is happening all the time.

In the vast midst of the expanse of the whole, we are also an accumulation pile of energy. And all around, everything is energetically active from the same energy source. The destiny of the whole universe is our collective destiny. This fourth sutra of Yyoga means that to see oneself as separate is madness; to understand oneself as separate is stupid. To live thinking oneself as separate, is to carry a weight on the head, alone on one’s own.

A short story and I will complete my talk. Then I will talk to you tomorrow about on the next sutras of yoga.

I have heard that a monk yogi boarded a train. He sat in a thirdclass compartment. He put his box on his head and his the bedding on top of above the box and his the umbrella on top of above the bedding. And when the other neighboring passengers said, “What are you doing? Put your luggage down on the floor and sit comfortably. ,Tthe monk yogi answered, “I have purchased a ticket only for myself me, so therefore I was thinking that to putting more weight on the train will be wrong. So immoral Hence I am keeping the weight on my head.” They said,”Have said, “Have you gone mad? Even if you keep the weight on your head, the weight will be on the train. , Sso, why are you putting weight on your head unnecessarily? Keep it on the floor and sit comfortably. The train is bound to carry the weight whether you put keep it on your head or keep it on the floor.” The monk yogi said, “I thought there were are ignorant people on in the train but now I see that there are wise people here.” They said, “We do not understand what you mean.” Then the monk yogi said, “In life I have seen everybody all people carrying their burdens weight on their heads, the weight of which could have been left to existence on God. I have seen everyone carrying the burden of all the anxieties on their one’s heads; mountains and mountains of worries that can be left for the moon and the stars, that can which could be carried by the wind. The whole universe could have carried it. I thought that all of you in this compartment might you all may get angry so I kept the luggage on my head. But you are wise enough! And hHe said, “We are wise only wise in this compartment. and wWe all are all riding on life’s the train, but of our life. Tthere we keep all the entire burden on our heads. We have to keep it on our heads, because who else’s except for ours on whose head shall will we keep it on?”

Yoga says that the burden is not to be kept on one’s head. Only tThose people’s heads become heavy who do not know the truth that life is a togetherness, a unity, carry this heavy weight unnecessarily. Breathing depends on the air. ; Tthe heat of life depends on the sun. Life depends on the orderliness of the creation. Death is the other side of birth. All that this is happening on its own. , but Wwe try to lift it up and carry keep it on our heads unnecessarily.

Yoga says: if only we could see that we are not more than a bird on a big ship aeroplane.….

Two straws were floating Iin a river, two straws were floating. The river’s flow was rapid and one straw was trying to fight against the river’s current. He was trying to make a dam in the river to stop it. It was not making any difference, ; he was being carried along. He was only a straw. The river had not been informed no information that some straw was thinking has thought of making a dam. The river had not even the knowledge that some straw was fighting. Hhow could the river know? The river was running towards the ocean. ; Tthat straw was being carried along and was fighting. He His had another companion, straw who had let left himself go with straight in the river, thought and who was thinking that he was helping the river. He was thinking that the river was flowing rapidly due to with his help. It made no difference. ; Tthe river was getting got no help. Neither Both straws could not make any difference to the river, neither the one who was fighting, nor the one who was helping. But it was making a difference to the straws. The one who was fighting was dying unnecessarily; the one who was flowing was dancing on the stream of bliss. Both were flowing one fighting, dying, distressed, and one rejoicing with delight.

But Yyoga says: , “Ddo not become either of the two straws, because both have their the illusions of each of them is connected with one side. Just that think, the river is flowing, ; neither do you have to make it flow, nor do you have to stop it. And bBecome one with part of the river. Do not remain straws, become waves. Then you will become weightless. , Tthen there will be no weight.

The whole universe is a family of energy. Iin which that, we are not more than a wave. All is connected. Hence what happens here, spreads all over, and what happens all over, also reaches here.

Whatever is happening Iin this universe, whatever is happening, we are all participants in it. A meditator Sannyasin and a politician, they are not separate. If anyone is a thief, we too are I am responsible. Our evil It must be that my evil may have helped him to become a thief. And if anyone is a murderer, we are I am responsible. If anyone is a sage saint, we are I am responsible. This It means there is no question of any individual responsibility, because whatever is happening anywhere, we are I am a participant in it. And then there is no evil, ; then we are not alone.

In the West there is a new word , ‘alienated’ alienated. Everyone is feeling that I am alone, with no companion. At one time wives were under the illusion that husbands were companions. ; Nnow all illusions are breaking. The wife in not certain whether that her husband is a companion. ; Tthe husband is not certain whether that his wife is a companion. When the husband is making love, even then it is not certain that in his mind he is not filling out the forms for divorce. Nothing is certain. The son is not certain of the father. , Tthe father is not certain that his sons will be in his company for long. Nothing is certain. All is uncertain and everyone has become alone. Hence there is so much anxiety and so much boredom in the West. , Aand people feel like everyone is escaping to the mountains and many people become everyone is becoming mad. Also Hhere also in the East, the same thing is happening.

Yoga says it is ignorance to if you think you are alone; it is nonsense. Every single individual is connected. The day one understands that I am one with the whole, immediately all the burden of his worries simply disappears. He becomes free inside, all fetters fall. This is the fourth sutra of yoga.

Tomorrow I will talk to you on of some more, similar sutras of yoga. In reference to this, if you have any questions, you should write and give them down and give them in tomorrow. Someone has asked a question about meditation. : I will talk about it during the morning session of when we sit for meditation.

One more thing I should remind tell you of one more thing again about meditation: The Mmind is there. Just and you witness it.

The friends who want to participate in the morning meditation… and I would like everybody to come, because the sutras of Yyoga which I am talking about are not for understanding through the intellect. you We have to experiment with them. So, it is essential a must to come in the morning for the meditation. In the evening I will talk to you and in the morning, we will experiment with the same thing. So, you listen in the evening and experiment in the morning, ; then the understanding will be complete. Otherwise mere intellectual understanding becomes half understanding and half understanding is worse than ignorance.

I am feel grateful that to you have for listening to me my talks with such love and silence. ! Now to end, I bow down pay my respect to the divine that dwells sitting in each of you all. Please accept my pranams, my offering of respect.



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