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Chapter 1 – The Intelligence of the Body

Body Mind Balancing

The Intelligence of the Body
Western medical science has viewed man as a separate unit apart from nature. That is one of the gravest error biggest faults that has been committed. Man is part of nature; his health is nothing but being at ease with nature.

Western medicine takes a mechanical view of man, so wherever mechanics can be successful, it is successful. But man is not a machine; man is an organic unity, and man needs not just only the treatment of the part that is sick. The sick part is only a symptom that the whole organism is going through difficulties. The sick part is only visible showing it because it is the weakest.

You treat the sick part, and you seem are successful . . . but then somewhere else the disease appears. You have prevented the disease from expressing itself through the sick part; you have made it stronger. But you do not understand that man is a whole: either he is sick or he is healthy, there is no station in-between the two. Man He should be viewed taken as a whole organism.

Note: All the above matter is taken from
Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries
Chapter #20
Chapter title: Health: overflowing energy of life
It is something very fundamental to understand, that the body is always ready to listen to you but you have never talked with it, you have never communicated made any communication with it at all. You have been in it, you have used it, but you have never thanked it. It serves you, and serves you as intelligently as possible.

Nature knows that it is more intelligent than you are, because all the important things in the body have not been left to you, they have been given to the body. For example, breathing, or heartbeat, or the blood circulating, or the digestion of the food they have not been left to you; otherwise you would have been in a mess long before.

If breathing had been was left to you, you would have died. There would be is no possibility of your continuing to live because living, you can forget to breathe at any moment. If you Ffighting with someone, you could can forget to breath breathing. When you Ssleeping at in the night, you could can forget to make your heart beat heartbeats. How would will you remember? And do you know how much work your digestive system is doing? You go on swallowing things and you think you are doing a great job. , Tthat swallowing can be done by anybody.

In the second wWorld wWar II it happened, that one man got a bullet through his throat. He didn’t die, but he could not eat or drink from the throat, the whole passage had to be closed. And the doctors made a small passage by the side of his stomach, with a pipe coming out, and he has to put the food in the pipe, but there was no joy. Even when he was putting in icecream . . . he was very angry.

He said, “This is . . . I don’t taste anything.”
Then one doctor suggested, “You dDo it this way one thing. First you taste the food, then insert you throw it into the pipe.” And that he did for forty years. He would first chew and enjoy and then put throw it in the pipe. The pipe is just as good, because in your body too it is just a pipe and nothing else, it is just hidden behind skin. This unfortunate poor man’s was just open. And it was better than yours because it could be cleaned and everything.

The whole digestive system is doing miracles. The sScientists say that if each of us we had to do everything that the your small digestive system is doing a single man’s we would need a big factory to turn food into blood, to sort out all elements, and to send those elements that which are needed at certain places. A few elements are needed in the brain, and they have to be sent through the bloodstream blood stream to the brain. Others are needed somewhere elsewhere,to the eyes. , Others are needed somewhere else, to the ears, or to the bones, or to the skin,and the body does is doing it all so perfectly for seventy years, eighty years, ninety years but and you don’t see its wisdom.

Note: The above matter is taken from
The Transmission of the Lamp
Chapter – 15 title: There are times when you need the open sky

Question – 4
You cannot even conceive how your body is working. You are not aware of it — how it transforms your bread into blood. You have heard about alchemists, who tried that they were trying to transform baser metals into gold; . yYour body does is doing far better it transforms is transforming all kinds of crap that you go on throwing inside you into blood, into bone. And Nnot only into blood and bone: it also turns makes out of that crap into nourishment for your brain. Out of your icecream, ice cream and Coca-Cola, it makes goes on making your brain, a brain that which can create a Rutherford, an Albert Einstein, a Buddha, a Zarathustra, a Lao Tzu. Just see the miracle!

A brain, is such a small thing, enclosed in a small skull . . . . A single brain can contain all the libraries of the world. Its capacity is almost infinite. It is the greatest memory system. If you want to make a computer of the same capacity you will need miles of space to make that computer function. It is encaged in your small skull. And yet although science has developed so far, it has they have not been able to transform ice cream icecream into blood. Scientists They have been trying, but they cannot find the clue needed what to do? How to transform ice cream icecream into blood? ; It is a faraway thing to make a anything like brain out of ice cream icecream! Perhaps it may never happen. Or even if it does, happens it will happen through the brain; it will be again a miracle of the brain.

Note: The above matter is taken from
The Wild Geese and the Water
Chapter – 12 title: back to the Garden
Question – 1

And oOnce you start communicating with your body, things become very easy.

The body need not be forced, it can be persuaded. One need not fight with the body that’s ugly, violent, aggressive, and any sort of conflict is going to create more and more tension. So you need not be in any conflict let comfort be the rule. And the body is such a beautiful gift from God that to fight with it, is to deny God Himself. It is a shrine . . . we are enshrined in it; it is a temple. We exist in it and we have to take every care of it it is our responsibility.

So for seven days…. It will look a little absurd in the beginning because we have never been taught to talk to our own body but and miracles can happen through it. They are already happening without our knowing it. When I speak am saying something to you, my hand follows in a gesture. I am talking to you it is my mind that is communicating something to you. My body is following it. The body is en rapport with the mind.

When you want to raise the hand, you have to do nothing you simply raise it. Just the very idea that you want to raise it and the body follows it; it is a miracle. In fact, biology or physiology has not yet been able to explain how it happens. Because an idea is an idea; you want to raise your hand it is an idea. How does this idea become transformed into a physical message to the hand? And it does not take any length of time at all just in a split second; sometimes without any time gap.

For example, I am talking to you and my hand will go on collaborating; there is no time gap. It is as if the body is running parallel to the mind. It is very sensitive you one should learn how to talk to your body it, and then many things can be done.

Note: Thhe above matter is taken from
Darshan Diaries
The Great Nothing
Chapter – 9 title: None
Allow the body, let it vibrate and dance, let it pray. Listen to the body. Follow the body. Never in any way try to dominate the body. The body is your foundation. Once you have started understanding your body, 99 ninety-nine percent of your miseries will simply disappear. But you don’t listen.up to now.
The body says, “Stop! Don’t eat!” You go on eating, ; you listen to the mind. The body mind says, “Stop! Don’t eat!” You go on eating; you listen to the mind. The mind says, “It is very tasty, delicious. A little more.” You don’t listen to the body. The body is feeling nauseous, the stomach is saying, “Stop! Enough is enough! I am tired!” but the mind says, “Look at the taste . . . a little bit more.” You go on listening to the mind. If you listen to the body; , 99 ninety-nine percent of your problems will simply disappear, and the remaining one percent will be just accidents, not really problems.

But from the very early childhood we have been distracted from the body, we have been taken away from the body. The child is crying, because he the child is hungry and the mother is looking at the clock because the doctor says that only after three hours is the child to be given milk. She is not looking at the child. The child is the real clock to look at, but she goes on looking at the clock. She listens to the doctor, but and the child is crying, and the child is asking for food, and the child needs food right now. If he the child is not given food right now you have distracted him from the body. Instead of giving him food you give him a pacifier. Now you are cheating and you are deceiving. And yYou are giving something false, plastic, and you are trying to distract and destroy the child’s sensitivity to his of the body. The wisdom of the body is not allowed to have its say, ; the mind enters is entering in instead. The child is pacified by the pacifier, and he falls asleep. Now the clock says three hours are over and you have to give the milk to the child. But Nnow the child is fast asleep, and now his body is sleeping; you wake him up, because the doctor says the milk has to be given now. You again destroy his rhythm. Slowly, slowly you disturb his whole being. The A moment comes when he has lost all track of his body. He does not know what his body wants he does not know whether his the body wants to eat or not eat, he does not know; whether the body wants to make love or not, he does not know. Everything is manipulated by something from the outside. He looks at a Playboy Playboy magazine and feels like making love. Now this is stupid, ; this is the mind sending signals. The love cannot be very great; it will be just a sneeze, nothing else, an unburdening. It is not love at all. How can love happen through the mind? Mind knows nothing of love. It becomes a duty. You have a wife, you have a husband, you have to make love it becomes a duty. Dutifully, religiously, every night, you make love. Now the spontaneity is not there. And then you are worried because you start feeling it is not fulfilling you. Then you start looking for some other woman. You start thinking logically, “Maybe this woman is not the right woman for me. Maybe she is not my soulmate. Maybe she is not made for me. I am not made for her, because she’s not turning me on.”

The woman is not the problem, the man is not the problem: you are not in the body, she is not in the body. If people were in their bodies, nobody would miss that beauty called orgasm. If people were in their bodies, they would know God’s first glimpses through their orgasmic experiences. You can’t know God through the church, you can know God only through love, because only in a loving experience you dissolve, you melt, you become vast. In that vastness you have the taste of God, the taste of Tao. That is the foundation of a real, religious life.

Why are people so irreligious today? — not because churches are lacking or missionaries are lacking or people are not continuously sermonizing. Millions of books are written, and millions of sermons are given, but all fall flat because the real witness is not available. Nobody has witnessed God in his life in any way. How can you convince people that God is? It all remains just an argument. It does not convert, it does not convince. If people were in their bodies they would know God in love, and then they would start searching for God. They would search for that vastness, that hugeness, that has happened to them. They know it by their own experience; it is existential, it is not theological, it is not philosophical. They know God is, that something like God is.

Now God has to be searched for. Now one has to go on a great exploration.

Listen to your body, follow the body. Mind is foolish, body is wise. And if you have gone deep into the body, in those very depths you will find your soul. The soul is hidden in the depths of the body. The soul is the innermost core of the body, and the body is the outermost circumference of the soul. Mind is a social by-product. The less mind, the better. And all effort here is how to lessen your mind, how to lessen your burden.
That’s why Sufis call that state of meditation FANA, a state of no-mind.

Note: The above matter is taken from
The Wisdom of the Sands, Vol 2

Chapter – 3 title: You are here to be yourself
Question – 2
And the body is a miracle; iIt is tremendously beautiful, and tremendously complex. There is nothing other thing so complex, so subtle as the body. You don’t know anything about it. You have only looked at it in the mirror. You have never looked at it from the within; otherwise it is a universe in itself. That’s what the mystics have always been saying: that the body is a miniature universe. If you see it from the inside, it is so vast millions and millions of cells, and each cell alive with its own life, and each cell functioning in such an intelligent manner that it seems almost incredible, impossible, unbelievable.

You eat food, and.the body transforms it into blood, bones, marrow. You eat food, and the body transforms it into consciousness, thought. A miracle is happening every moment. And each cell functions so systematically, in such an orderly way, with in such an inner discipline, that it seems almost not impossible millions of cells. Seventy million cells are there in your single body seventy million souls. Each cell has its own soul. And how well they function! And how tThey function with in such a coherence, in such a rhythm and harmony. And the same cells become the eyes and the same cells become the skin and the same cells become your liver and your heart and your marrow and your mind and your brain. The same cells specialize then they become specialized cells but they are the same cells. And how well they move, and how subtly and silently they work.

There is a possibility that cancer is nothing but some cell going insane inside you, who has lost track, who is no longer functioning intelligently and has gone berserk. There is a possibility that cancer is nothing but a cell gone out of tune. Otherwise millions and millions of cells are working in such a sane way that even your human society is nothing compared to it. Your society is almost insane — as if everybody is a cancer cell.

In your body, God is manifested. You have to go withinwards. You have not yet acquainted yourself with this temple.

“BE STRONG…” — don’t be a weakling and don’t be a coward and don’t try to escape from the fact of your body. Rather, pPenetrateinto it, go deep into it, go into the mystery of it.
“BE STRONG, AND ENTER INTO YOUR OWN BODY:” Don’t look for God in the sky; look for God within your own body. Kabir is very realistic, very scientific.
… and enter into your own body:

Because there you are rooted. The body is your earth; you are rooted in the body. Your consciousness is like a tree in the body. Your thoughts are like fruits. Your meditations are like flowers. But you are rooted in the body; the body supports it. The body supports everything that you are doing. You love; the body supports you. You hate; the body supports you. You want to kill somebody; the body supports you. You want to protect somebody; the body supports you. In compassion, in love, in anger, in hate in every way the body supports you. You are rooted in the body; you are nourished by the body. Even when you start realizing who you are, the body supports you.

Don’t kill the body. Don’t be a masochist, don’t torture it. It The body is your friend; it is not your enemy. Listen to its language, decode its language, and by and by, as you enter into the book of the body and you turn its pages, you will become aware of the whole mystery of life. In Ccondensed from, it is in your body. Magnified a millionfold, it is all over the world. But condensed in a small formula, it is there present in your body. Decode it there first. And there is no other way to decode it anywhere else.

Be strong, and enter into your own body: for there your foothold is firm.
Note: The above matter is taken from
Discourse Series
Ecstasy – The Forgotten Language
Chapter – 7 title: Enter into your own body

Deva means divine, mandiro means temple — divine temple. The body has all the mysteries, all the mysteries that the whole universe has; it is a miniature universe. The difference between the body and the universe is only one of quantity. Just as a single atom has all the secrets of matter, the body has all the secrets of the universe. One need not go to search for any secrets outside, one has just to go inward.

And the body has to be taken care of. One should not be against it, one should not condemn it. If you condemn it, you have already condemned gGod, because in the deepest recess of the body gGod resides. God has chosen this house of the body to live in. Respect your body, love your body, care about your body.

The so-called religions have created much antagonism between man and his body. It is true that you are not the body. but Tthat doesn’t mean that you have to be against it the body; the body is your a friend. The body can take you to hell, the body can take you to heaven too. It is simply a vehicle. It is neutral: wherever you want to go, it is ready. It is a mechanism of immense complexity, beauty, order. The more one understands one’s body, the more one feels awe. Then what to say about the whole universe? eEven this small body is contains so much of a miracle. ; So therefore I call the body the temple of the divine.

And once your attitude towards the body changes it becomes easier to go in, because the body becomes open to you. It allows you to come in, ; it starts revealing its secrets to you. That’s how all the secrets of Yoga were first known. That’s how all the secrets of Tao were first known. Yoga didn’t arise out of dissecting dead bodies. Modern medical science is based on dead bodies and their dissection. It has something basically wrong with in it. It has not yet been able to know the living body. To dissect a dead body is one thing, to know something about it is another one thing, but and to know something about a living body is totally different. But the mModern science has no way of knowing about the living body. The only way it knows is to butcher it, to cut it open, but the moment you cut it, it is no more the same phenomenon. To understand a flower on the stem, on the tree, is one thing; to cut it, and dissect it, is totally another. It is no longer more the same phenomenon. ; Iits quality is different.

Albert Einstein the man has some qualities that which the corpse will not have, cannot have. A poet dies the body is there but where is the poetry? A genius diesthe body is there but where is the genius? The body of the idiot and the body of the genius are the same. You will not be able to know by dissecting the body whether it belonged to a genius or it belonged to an idiot, whether it belonged to a mystic or it belonged to somebody who was never aware of anything mysterious in life. It will be impossible because you are simply looking into the house and the being who lived there is no more there. You are simply studying the cage and the bird has gone; and to study the cage is not to study the bird. But still, the body contains the divine in it.

The real way is to go within yourself and watch your own body from there, from the interiormost of your being. Then it is a tremendous joy . . . just to see its functioning, its ticking. It is the greatest miracle that has happened in the universe. Everything else is less complicated than the human body. So think of it as a temple, because it is a temple. And respect it, be prayerful about it, because something of infinite value is contained in it. It is a container — it contains an eternal diamond.

Note: The above matter is taken from
Darshan Diaries
Chapter – 18 title: Love is the Soul of the dance, dance, the Body of Love

That will be good, because some body work will be needed — Rolfing, Postural Integration, Acupuncture, Shiatsu.
Most All problems are psychosomatic because the body and the mind are not two separate things. The mind is the inner part of the body, and the body is the outer part of the mind, so anything can start in the body and can enter into the mind, or vice versa: it can start in the mind and enter into the body. There is no division, ; there t here is no watertight compartment.

So most all problems have two edges to them: they can be tackled through the mind and through the body. And up to now this has been the practice in the world: a few people believe that all problems are of the body the physiologists, the Pavlovians, the behaviorists…. . . . They treat the body, and of course in 50 fifty percent of the cases they succeed. And they hope that as science grows they will be succeeding more, but they will never succeed beyond 50 more than fifty percent; it has nothing to do with the growth of science.

Then there are those who other party is there which thinks that all problems are of the mind which is as wrong as the first premise. Christian Scientists Science people and hypnotists and mesmerists; they all think problems are of the mind . . as do psychotherapists. They also succeed in 50 fifty percent of the cases; they, too, also think that sooner or later they will succeed more and more. That is nonsense. They cannot succeed beyond 50 more than fifty percent; that is the limit.

My own understanding is that each problem has to be tackled from both sides at the same time together, simultaneously; it has to be attacked from both perspectives the doors, a double-fronted attack. Then man can be cured 100 one hundred percent. Whenever science becomes perfect it will work both ways.

So when you come back we will start working both ways. The first place to start is the body, because the body is the portal to the mind the porch. And because the body is gross, it is easily manipulatable. First the body has to be freed of all its accumulated structures. and If you have lived for so long with the feeling that you are weak, then it must have entered into the body, into the very structure of the body. First it has to be relieved from there; and simultaneously at the same time your mind has to be inspired so that it can start moving upwards and can start dropping all the loads that keep it down.

It will take at least three months and then things will disappear; nothing is a problem….
Meanwhile continue to meditate. Next time you come, the first thing to remind me of it this problem. It will take three months but it will be gone.Note: The above matter is taken from
Darshan Diaries
God’s Got a Thing About You
Chapter – 8 title: None
Firstly, your mind and your body are not two things as far as tantra is concerned. Remember that always. Do not say, “physiological process” and “mental process.” They are not two processes just two parts of one whole. Whatsoever you do physiologically affects the mind. Whatsoever you do psychologically affects the body. They are not two, they are one.

You can say that the body is a solid state of the same energy and the mind is a liquid state of the same energy of the same energy! So no matter what you are doing physiologically, do not think that this is just physiological. Do not wonder how it is going to help any transformation in the mind. If you take alcohol, what happens to your mind? Alcohol is taken in the body, not in the mind, but what happens to the mind? If you take LSD, it goes into the body, not into the mind, but what happens to the mind?

Or if you go on a fast, fasting is done by the body, but what happens to the mind? Or from the other end: if you think sexual thoughts, what happens to your body? The body is affected immediately. In your mind Yyou think in the mind of a sex object and your body starts getting ready.

There was a theory by William James. , Iin the first part of the 20th this century that it apparently looked very absurd, but in a sense it was is right. He and another scientist named Lange elucidated what became proposed this theory which is known as the James-Lange theory. Ordinarily, we say you are afraid and that is why you escape and run away, or you are angry and that is why your eyes get red and you start beating your enemy.

But James and Lange proposed quite the contrary. They said that because you run away, that is why you feel fear; and because your eyes get red and you start beating your enemy, you feel anger. They proposed that Iit is just the opposite. They said that if this is not so, then we want to see even one instance of anger when the eyes are not red and the body is not affected and one is simply angry. Do not allow your body to be affected and try to be angry then you will know that you cannot be angry.

In Japan they teach their children a very simple method of controlling anger. They say, whenever you feel angry, do not do anything with the anger, just start taking deep breaths. Try it, and you will not be able to get angry. Why? Just because you take deep breaths, why can you not get angry? It becomes impossible to get angry. There are Ttwo reasons... You start taking deep breaths, but anger needs a particular rhythm of breathing. and Wwithout that rhythm anger is not possible. A particular rhythm in breathing or chaotic breathing is needed for anger to exist be.

If you start taking deep breaths, it is impossible for the anger to come out. If you are consciously taking deep breaths, then the anger cannot express itself. Anger requires It needs a different breathing pattern which should be allowed. You need not do it; the anger will do it itself. With deep breathing, you cannot be angry.

And secondly, your mind shifts. When you feel angry and you start to take deep breaths; , your mind shifts is shifted from anger to breathing. The body is not in a state to be angry, and the mind has shifted its concentration toward something else. Then it is difficult to be angry. That is why the Japanese are the most controlled people on earth. It is just a training from childhood.

It is difficult anywhere else to find such an incident, but in Japan it happens even today. It is happening less and less because Japan is becoming less and less Japanese. It is becoming more and more Westernized, and the traditional methods and ways are becoming lost. But it was happening, and it still happens today.

One of my friends was there in Kyoto, and he wrote me a letter saying, “I have seen such a beautiful phenomenon today that I want to write about it to you. And when I come back, I will want to understand how it is possible. One man was struck by a car. He fell down, stood up, thanked the driver, and went away he thanked the driver!”

In Japan it is not difficult. He must have taken a few deep breaths, and then it was possible. You are transformed into a different attitude, and you can thank even a person who was just going to kill you, or who has already tried to kill you.

Physiological processes and psychological processes are not two separate things, they are one, and you can start from either pole to affect and change the other. And any science will do that. For example, tantra believes deeply in the body. Only philosophy is vague, airy, verbal; it may start from something else. Otherwise, any scientific approach is bound to start from the body because that is within your reach. If I talk of something which is beyond your reach, you may listen to it, you may gather it in your memory, you may talk about it, but nothing happens. You remain the same. Your information is increased, but not your being. Your knowledge goes on increasing, but your being remains the same poor mediocrity; nothing happens to it.
Note: The above matter is taken from
Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol 1
Chapter – 22 title: The third eye and psychic eye power
Question – 3

In a better world every person man whose profession is to treats the body will meditate. And when the body is suffering, there must be something behind it, because everything is interwoven. So no person man can be treated just by treating his body his totality has to be treated. But to look into his totality, you have to look into your own totality.

Every physician should be a meditator, otherwise he will never be a real physician. He may have degrees, and he may have a license to Ppractice medicine, but to me he is a quack because he does not know the whole person, so he will treat just symptoms.

Somebody has a certain symptom, a migraine or a headache; you can treat it, but you don’t look deep inside as to why the person he has the migraine in the first place. Maybe she is too burdened, worried, depressed. Maybe she has shrunken so much inside that it hurts. Maybe he is thinking too much and is not relaxing his mind at all. So you can treat the symptom, and you can force the symptom to disappear through poisons and medicines. But Iit will appear somewhere else, because the basic root cause has not been touched at all.

Symptoms should not be treated, but persons should. And a persons is are organic, total. Sometimes it happens that the disease may be in the feet and the root cause may be in the head. Sometimes the root cause may be in the head, and the disease may be in the feet. Because the human man is one . . . absolutely connected! Nothing is disconnected discon-nected in the human being him. And not only is the body connected in itself, the body is connected con-nected with the mind, and then body and mind psycho and soma and psyche both are connected to a very transcendental soul.

Good! Medicine is good. Mm? Become a meditator too!

… Carry on! It is one of the most beautiful things! Finish it, and carry on medicine also. One day you will be able to enjoy it like an art. Right now I understand — doctors and their life is not worthwhile because they cannot enjoy it as an art. They are sur-rounded by illness and ill people in the hospital, and their whole life seems to be just a wastage. But if they start meditating, loving, and a compassion arises in them, they will see that their life is a great mission, a great discipline. They are fulfilling something, and they are servants of god. But then the whole vision will be different.
Note: The above matter is taken from
Darshan Diaries
Blessed Are the Ignorant



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