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Chapter 3 – Basic Conditions for Well-being


Basic Conditions for Well-being

Listen to the body. The body is not your enemy, and when the body is saying something, do accordingly, because the body has a wisdom of its own. Don’t disturb it, don’t go on a mindtrip. That’s why I don’t teach you any dieting, I teach you only awareness. Eat with full awareness, eat meditatively, and then you will never eat more and you will never eat less. More is as bad as less. Too much eating is bad. just like too much fasting; these are extremes. Nature wants you to be balanced, to be in a sort of equilibrium, to be in the middle, neither less nor more. Don’t go to the extreme.

To go to the extreme is to be neurotic. So there are two types of neurotics about food: those who go on eating, not listening to the body — the body goes on crying and screaming’Stop!’ and they go on. These are neurotic people. And then there is the other variety: the body goes on screaming’I am hungry!’ and they are on a fast. Neither is religious, both are neurotic, both are pathological — they need treatment, they need to be hospitalised. Because a religious person is one who is balanced: in whatsoever he is doing, he is always in the middle. He never goes to the extreme because all extremes will create tensions, anxieties. When you eat too much there is anxiety because the body is burdened. When you don’t eat enough then there is anxiety because the body is hungry. A religious person is one who knows where to stop; and that should come out of your awareness, not out of a certain teaching.

If I tell you how much to eat, that is going to be dangerous because that will be just an average. Somebody is very thin and somebody is very fat, and if I tell you how much to eat — ‘three chapatis’ — then for somebody it may be too much and for somebody it may be nothing. So I don’t teach rigid rules, I simply give you a sense of awareness. Listen to your body. : you have a different body. And then there are different types of energies, different types of involvement. Somebody is a professor in a university; he does not exert much energy as far as his body is concerned. He will not need much food, and he will need a different kind of food. Somebody is a labourer; he will need much food, and a different kind of food. Now a rigid principle is going to be dangerous. No rule can be given as a universal rule.

Note: All the above matter is in italic form and this matter is taken from
Tao: The Pathless Path, Vol 1
Chapter – 6 title: I am a cross to you
Question – 1

Don’t kill the body. Don’t be a masochist, don’t torture it. It The body is your friend; it is not your enemy. Listen to its language, decode its language, and by and by, as you enter into the book of the body and you turn its pages, you will become aware of the whole mystery of life. Condensed, it is, in your body. Magnified a millionfold, it is all over the world. But condensed in a small formula, it is there, present, in your body. Decode it there first. And there is no other way to decode it anywhere else.

Note: All the above matter is in italic form and this matter is taken from
Discourse Series
Ecstasy – The Forgotten Language
Chapter – 7 title: Enter into your own body

You will have to understand it, because just by having a heart, don’t go on thinking that you are in contact with it. You are not in contact with many things in your body, you are just carrying your body. Contact means a deep sensitivity. You may not even feel your body. It happens that only when you are ill do you feel your body. There is a headache, then you feel the head; without the headache there is no contact with the head. When Tthere is pain in the leg, you become aware of the leg. You become aware only when something goes wrong.
If everything is okay you remain completely unaware, and, really, that is the moment when contact can be made when everything is okay because when something goes wrong then that contact is made with illness, with something that has gone wrong and the well-being wellbeing is no more there. You have the head right now, then a the headache comes and you make the contact. The contact is made not with the head but with the headache. With the head contact is possible only when there is no headache and the head is filled with with-being a wellbeing. , Bbut we have almost lost the capacity. We don’t have any contact when we are okay. So our contact is just an emergency measure. There is a headache: some repair is needed, some medicine is needed, something has to be done, so you make the contact and do something.

Try to make contact with your body when everything is good. Just lie down on the grass, close the eyes, and feel the sensation that is going on within, the well-being wellbeing that is bubbling. Lie down in a river. The water is touching the body and every cell is being cooled. Feel inside how that coolness enters cell by cell, goes deep into the body. The body is a great phenomenon, one of the miracles of nature.

Sit in the sun. Let the sunrays penetrate the body. Feel the warmth as it moves within, as it goes deeper, as it touches your blood cells and reaches to the very bones. And sun is life, the very source. , Sso with closed eyes just feel what is happening. Remain alert, watch and enjoy. By and by you will become aware of a very subtle harmony, a very beautiful music continuously going on inside. Then you have the contact with the body; otherwise you carry a dead body.

It is just like this: a person who loves his car has a different type of contact and relationship with the car than a person who doesn’t. A person who doesn’t love his car goes on driving it and he treats it as a mechanism, but a person who loves his car will become aware of even the smallest change in the mood of the car, the slightest finest change of sound. Something is changing in the car and suddenly he will become aware of it. No one else has heard it; . tThe passengers are sitting there, ; they have not heard it. But a slight change in the sound of the engine, any clicking, any change, and the person who loves his car will become aware of it. He has a deep contact. He is not only driving, the car is not just a mechanism; rather he has spread himself into the car and he has allowed the car to enter him.

Your body can be used as a mechanism, then you need not be very sensitive about it. And the body goes on saying many things you never hear because you don’t have any contact with it.

In Russia a new research went has been going on for some decades, and their scientists thirty years. Now they have concluded many things. One result which is very revealing result is this: that whenever a disease happens, for six months continuously before it happens the body gives goes on giving signals to you. And Ssix months is such a long time! If aA disease is going to happen in 1975; to happen next year, in the middle of this year 1974 the body will start giving you signals but you don’t receive the signals hear, you don’t understand, you don’t know. When the disease manifests itself has happened already, only then will you become aware. Or even then you may not be aware your doctor first becomes aware that you have some deep trouble inside.

One The person who was has been doing this research for many thirty years has now made films and cameras that which can detect a disease before it actually happens. He says that the disease can be treated, and the patient will never become aware of whether it existed or not. If a cancer is going to happen next year, it can be treated right now. There are no physical indications, but just in the body electricity things are changing not in the body, in the body electricity, in the bioenergy, things are changing. First they will change in the bioenergy and then they will descend to the physical.

If they can be treated in the bioenergy layer, then they will never come to the physical body. Because of this research it will become possible in the coming century that no one need be ill, that there will be no more need to go to the hospital. Before the disease actually comes to the body it can be treated, but it has to be detected by a mechanical device. You cannot detect it, and you are there living there in your the body. There is no contact.

You may have heard many stories that Hindu sannyasins, rishis, Zen monks, Buddhist bhikkus, declare their death before it happens. And you may be surprised to know that that declaration is always made six months before it happens never more, always six months before. Many saints have declared that they are going to die, but just six months before. It is not accidental, ; those six months are meaningful. Before the physical body dies the bioenergy starts dying, and a person who is in deep contact with his bioenergy knows that now the energy has started shrinking. Life means spreading, death means shrinking. He feels that the life energy is shrinking; he declares that he will be dead within six months. Zen monks are known to have even chosen how to die because they know.

It happened once: oOne Zen monk was to die, so he asked his disciples, “Suggest to me how to die, in what posture.” That man was a little eccentric, a little crazy, a mad old man but very beautiful.

His disciples started laughing; they thought that he may have been joking because he was always joking. So somebody suggested, “How about dying standing in the corner of the temple?”

The man said, “But I have heard a story that in the past one monk has died standing, so that won’t be good. Suggest something unique.”

So somebody said, “Die while just walking in the garden.”
He said, “I have heard that somebody in China once died walking.”
Then someone suggested a really unique idea: “Stand in shirshasana shirshasana, the headstand, and die.” Nobody has ever died standing on his head, it is very difficult to die standing on the head. Even to sleep standing on the head is impossible, death is too difficult. Even to sleep is impossible and death is a great sleep. It is impossible even ordinary sleep is impossible.

The man accepted the idea. He enjoyed it. He said, “This is good.”
They thought that he was just joking, but he stood in headstand shirshasana. They became afraid: What is he doing? And what to do now? And they thought he was almost dead. It was weird a dead person standing in headstand shirshasana. They became scared, so somebody suggested, “He has a sister in the nearby monastery who is a great nun. Go and fetch her. She is the elder sister of this man and may do something with him. She knows him well.”

The sister came. It is said that she came and said, “Ikkyu” Ikkyu was the name of the monk “don’t be foolish! This is no way to die.”

Ikkyu laughed, jumped down from his headstand shirshasana, and said, “Okay, so what is the right way?”

She said, “Sit in padmasana padmasana, in the Buddha posture, and die. This is no way to die. You have always been a foolish man everybody will laugh.”

So it is said he sat in the Buddha posture padmasana and died, and then the sister left.Aa beautiful man. But how could he decide that he was going to die? And even to choose the posture! The bioenergy started shrinking, he could feel it but this feeling comes only when you have a deep contact not only with the surface of the body but with the roots.

So first try to be more and more sensitive about your body. Listen to it; it goes on saying many things, and you are so head-oriented you never listen to it. Whenever there is a conflict between your mind and body, your body is almost always going to be right more than your mind, because the body is natural, your mind is societal; the body belongs to this vast nature, and your mind belongs to your society, your particular society, age, time. Body has deep roots in existence, mind is just wavering on the surface. But you always listen to the mind, you never listen to the body. Because of this long habit contact is lost.

You have the heart, and heart is the root, but you don’t have any contact with it. First start having contact with the body. Soon you will become aware that the whole body vibrates around the center of the heart just as the whole solar system moves around the sun. Hindus have called the heart the sun of the body. The whole body is a solar system and moves around the heart. You became alive when the heart started beating, you will die when the heart stops beating. The heart remains the solar center of your body. Become alert to it. But you can become alert, by and by, only if you become alert to the whole body.

Note: This matter is taken from

Discourse Series
Vedanta: Seven Step to Samadhi
Chapter – 12 title: Only Knowing Remains

Remember Tto be authentic means: to remain true to yourself own being. How to remain true? Three things have to be remembered. One, never listen to anybody, what they say for you to be: always listen to your inner voice, what you would like to be. Otherwise your whole life will be wasted. Your mother wants you to be an engineer, your father wants you to be a doctor, and you want to be a poet. What to do? Of course the mother is right because it is more economical, more financially helpful, to be an engineer. The father is also right, to be a doctor; it is a good commodity in the market. it has a market value. “A poet? Have you gone mad? Are you crazy?”
Note: This matter is taken from

Discourse Series
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 5
Chapter – 7 title: Death and discipline

Always listen to the inner voice, and don’t listen to anything else. Thousand and one are the temptations around you because many people are there peddling their wares things. It is a supermarket, the world, and everybody is interested in selling his wares thing to you; everybody is a salesman. If you listen to too many salesmen you will become mad. Don’t listen to anybody, just close your eyes and listen to the inner voice. That is what meditation is all about: to listen to the inner voice. This is the first thing.

Then the second thing if you have done the first thing only then the second becomes possible: never wear a mask. If you are angry, be angry. It is risky, but don’t smile, because that is to be untrue. But you have been taught that when you are angry, smile; then your smile becomes false, a mask. Hmm? . . . just an exercise of the lips, nothing else. The heart full of anger, poison, and the lips smiling you become a false phenomenon.

Then the other thing also happens: when you want to smile you cannot smile. Your whole mechanism is topsy-turvy because when you wanted to be angry you weren’t, when you wanted to hate you didn’t. Now you want to love; suddenly you find that the mechanism doesn’t function. Now you want to smile; you have to force it. Really your heart is full of smile and you want to laugh loudly, but you cannot laugh, something chokes in the heart, something chokes in the throat. The smile doesn’t come, or even if it comes it is a very pale and dead smile. It doesn’t make you happy. You don’t bubble up with it. There It is not a radiance around you.

When you want to be angry, be angry. There is Nnothing is wrong in being angry. If you want to laugh, laugh. There is Nnothing‘s wrong in laughing loudly. By and by you will see that your whole system is functioning. When it functions, really, it has a hum around it, just as a car, when everything is going good, hums. The driver who loves his the car knows that now everything is functioning well, there is an organic unity the mechanism is functioning well. You can see: whenever a person’s mechanism is functioning well, you can hear the hum around him. He walks, but his step has a dance in it. He talks, but his words carry a subtle poetry in them. He looks at you, and he really looks; his glance it is not just lukewarm, it is really warm. When he touches you he really touches you; you can feel his energy moving into your body, a current of life being transferred . . . because his mechanism is functioning well.

Don’t wear masks; otherwise you will create dysfunctions in your mechanism blocks. There are many blocks in your body. A person who has been suppressing anger, his jaw becomes blocked. All the anger comes up to the jaw and then stops there. His hands become ugly. They don’t have the graceful movement of a dancer, ; no, that is because the anger flows comes into the fingers and they become blocked. Remember, anger has two sources to be released from. One is teeth, another is fingers: . because aAll animals, when they are angry , they will bite you with their the teeth or they will start tearing at you with their the hands. Therefore So the nails and the teeth are the two points from which where the anger is released.

I have a suspicion that wherever anger is suppressed for too long much, people develop tooth have teeth trouble. Their teeth go wrong because too much energy is there and is never released. And anybody who suppresses anger will eat more; angry people will always eat more because their the teeth need some exercise. Angry people will smoke more. Angry people will talk more; they can become obsessive talkers because, somehow, the jaw needs exercise so that the energy will be is released a little bit. And angry people’s hands will become knotted, ugly. If the energy was released they could have become beautiful hands.

If you suppress anything, in the body there is some part, a corresponding part, to the emotion. If you don’t want to cry, your eyes will lose their the luster because tears are needed; they are a very alive phenomenon. When once in a while you weep and cry, and really get you go into it when you become it and the tears start flowing down your eyes; your eyes are cleansed, and they your eyes again become fresh, young, and virgin. That’s why women have more beautiful eyes, because they can still cry. Men no longer have vibrant Man has lost his eyes because they have a wrong notion that men should not cry. If somebody, a small boy cries, even the parents, as well as others, say, “What are you doing? Are you being a sissy?” What nonsense, because nature God has given you man, woman the same tear glands. If man was not to weep, he there would have been no tear glands. Simple mathematics. Why do the tear glands exist in man in the same proportion as they exist in woman? Eyes need weeping and crying, and it is really beautiful if you can cry and weep wholeheartedly.

Remember, if you cannot cry and weep wholeheartedly, you also cannot laugh also, because that is the other polarity. People who can laugh can also cry; people who cannot cry cannot laugh. And you may have observed sometimes in children: that if they laugh loudly and long they start crying because both things are joined. In the villages I have heard mothers saying to their children, “Don’t laugh too much; otherwise you will start crying.” That is Rreally true, because the phenomena are not different just the same energy moves to the opposite poles.

The Ssecond thing is: , don’t use masks be true whatever whatsoever the cost.

And the third thing to remember is about authenticity: always remain in the present , because all falseness enters either from the past or from the future. That which has passed has passed don’t bother about it. And don’t carry it as a burden; otherwise it will not allow you to be authentic to the present. And all that has not come has not come yet don’t bother unnecessarily be bothered about the future; otherwise the future that will come into the present and destroy it. Be true to the present, and then you will be authentic. To be in the here and now is to be authentic. No past, no future: this moment all, this moment the whole eternity.

Note: This matter is taken from

Discourse Series
Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 5
Chapter – 7 title: Death and discipline


The sSociety certainly prepares you for activity, for ambition, for speed, for efficiency. It does not prepare you to relax and to do nothing and to rest. It condemns all kinds of restfulness as laziness. It condemns people who are not madly active because the whole society is madly active, always trying to reach somewhere. Nobody knows exactly where, but everybody is concerned: “Go faster!”
I have heard about a man and his wife driving on a road as fast as they can. The wife was telling the man again and again, “Just look at the map.”
And the man was saying, “You keep quiet. Shut up! I am the driver. It doesn’t matter where we are going, what matters is that we are going with speed. The real thing is speed.” Nobody knows in the world where they are going, and why they are going there.

There is a very famous anecdote about George Bernard Shaw. He was traveling from London to some other place and the ticket collector came. He looked in all his pockets, in the bag, then he opened his suitcase. And the ticket collector said, “I know you. Everybody knows you. You are George Bernard Shaw. You are a world-famous man. The ticket must be there, you must have forgotten where you have put it. Don’t be worried. Leave it.”
George Bernard Shaw said to the man, “You don’t understand my problem. I’m not looking for the ticket just to show you. I want to know where I am going. That stupid ticket if it is lost, I am lost. You think I am looking for the ticket for you? You tell me where I am going.”
The ticket collector said, “That is too much. I was just trying to help you. Don’t get disturbed. Maybe you can remember it later on by the time you reach the station. How can I tell you where you are going?”
But everybody is in the same position. It is good that there are no spiritual ticket collectors around, checking, “Where are you going?” Otherwise you would will be simply standing around without any answer. You have been going, somewhere; there is no doubt about it. Your whole life you have been going, somewhere. , Bbut actually you don’t actually know where you are going.

You eventually reach a graveyard, that is one thing that’s certain. But that is the one place you were not going to, the one place nobody wants to go to, but everyone finally gets there reaches. That is the terminus where all trains end up. If you don’t have a ticket, wait for the terminus. And then they say, “Get down. Now tThe train goes nowhere anymore farther.”
In my village we had a beautiful graveyard just by the side of the river. It was a very silent place, and nobody came there unless he was brought. Nobody wanted to come there. I had found it a beautiful place to meditate, to relax, to rest. Beautiful marble graves — big trees with great shadow. It was a beautiful place.
My father was very angry when he came to know — that when I suddenly disappeared, and I could not be found anywhere…. Somebody told him, “You will not find him whatever you do, because one place you will never look and that is the graveyard. And I have seen him, because going to the river is my business.” He was a fisherman. He said, “I have seen him many times going to the graveyard; and he disappears there.”
My father said, “This is strange. Why should he go to the graveyard? Let him come home.” Nobody even tried to look for me in the graveyard; nobody wanted to go there.
When in the evening I came home, everybody was angry, and they stopped me outside. They said, “First you take a bath. And every day you have been going to the graveyard?”
I said, “Finally one has to go there. Why are you getting so angry? You all will be going there. I am simply visiting the place where finally one has to rest. I am learning already to rest there. One day I will be resting underneath the marble, right now I rest on top of the marble. And it is a tremendously beautiful and silent place.”

They said, “We are not concerned about these strange explanations. First, you take a bath.”
I said, “I can take a bath. I will take a bath every day, that is not a trouble for me. That will not prevent me going to the graveyard, because your temple is continuously crowded, it is a marketplace — it is in the marketplace. Every place is full of people — wherever you go, there are people. That is the only place where there are many people, but they are all relaxing, in deep relaxation, with no way to wake up again.”
In the night my mother asked, “But you must be feeling afraid.”

I said, “Why should I feel afraid? Those people are dead. One should be afraid of the living, because those are the people who can do something. These poor people are dead, they cannot do anything. They cannot even get out of their graves. And you are afraid of them, and they are simply relaxing, relaxing forever.”

The whole society is geared for work. It is a workaholic society. It does not want you to learn relaxation, so from the very childhood it plants puts in your mind antirelaxation ideas in your mind.

I am not telling you to relax for the whole day. Do your work, but find out some time for yourself, and that can be found only in relaxation. And you will be surprised that if you can relax for an hour or two hours out of each twenty-four hours, it will give you a deeper insight into yourself.
It will change your behavior outwardly you will become more calm, more quiet. It will change the quality of your work it will be more artistic and more graceful. You will be committing fewer mistakes than you used to commit before, because now you are more together, more centered.

Relaxation has miraculous powers.
It is not laziness.
From the outside, Tthe lazy man may look, from the outside, as if he is not working at anything, but his mind is going as fast as it can; . and tThe relaxed man his body is relaxed, his mind is relaxed, his heart is relaxed.
Just relaxation on all three layers — body, mind, heart for two hours he is almost absent. In these two hours his body recovers, his heart recovers, his intelligence recovers, and you will see that in his work all that recovery.

He will not be a loser although he will not be frantic anymore, he will not be unnecessarily running hither and thither. He will go directly to the point where he wants to go. And he will do things that are needed to be done; he will not be doing anything unnecessary trivia. He will say only that which is needed to be said. His words will become telegraphic; his movements will become graceful; his life will become a poetry.
Relaxation can transform you and transport you to such beautiful heights and it the technique is so such a simple technique. There is nothing much to in it; . just fFor a few days you will find it difficult because of the old habit. To break down the old habits, it takes a few days.

So go on using the hypnotic technique for relaxation. It is bound to come to you. It will bring new light to your eyes, a new freshness to your being, and it will help you to understand what meditation is. It is just the first steps outside the door of the temple of meditation. With just deeper and deeper relaxation it becomes meditation.
Meditation is the name of the deepest relaxation.
Note: This matter is taken from

The Transmission of the Lamp
Chapter – 33 title: I need your intelligence, not you surrender

Question – 2


The body has great wisdom allow it. Allow it more and more to follow its own wisdom. And whenever you have time, just relax. Let your the breathing go on on its own, . dDon’t interfere. Our habit to interfere has become so ingrained that you cannot even breathe without interference interfering. If you watch your breathing, you will immediately see you have started to interfere interfering: . yYou begin start taking deep breaths, or you start exhaling more. There is Nno need to interfere at all. Just let the your

breath be as it is; your the body knows exactly what it needs. If it needs more oxygen it will breathe more; if it needs less oxygen it will breathe less.

Just leave it all to your the body! Become absolutely noninterfering. And wherever you feel any tension anywhere, relax that part. And slowly, slowly . . fFirst begin while you are sitting, resting and then while you are doing things. When Yyou are cleaning the floor or working in the kitchen or in the office, once , keep that relaxedness. Action need not be an interference in your relaxed state. And then there is a beauty, a great beauty, to your activity. Your activity will have the flavor flavour of meditativeness.

Yes, Mukti Gandha, it is exactly so with your whole life — this is the secret. But people go on making unnecessary efforts. Sometimes their efforts are their barriers; their efforts are the problems that they are creating.
There was a lot of confusion downtown during the big snowstorm. Mulla Nasruddin went over to help a fat lady get into a taxi cab. After rushing and shoving and slipping on the ice, he told her he did not think he could get her in.
She said, “In? I am trying to get out!”

Just observer watch. . . . There are things where if you push, you will miss. Don’t push the river at all, and don’t try to go upstream. The river is flowing towards the ocean of its own accord just be part of it, be part of its journey. It will take you to the ultimate. Go relaxed, dancing, singing, to God.
There is no need to make any effort. Why? Because God is our intrinsic nature. We ARE Gods already. If we relax, we will know; if we don’t relax, we will not know. Relaxation becomes the door to that great knowing enlightenment.
Note: This matter is taken from

The Fish in the Sea is Not Thirsty
Chapter – 15 title: Disappearing you will feel such Freedom

Question – 8


Really, joy only means that your body is in a symphony, nothing else that your body is in a musical rhythm, nothing else. Joy is not pleasure; pleasure has to be derived from something else. Joy is just to being yourself alive, fully vibrant, vital. A feeling of a subtle music around your body and within your body, a symphony that is joy. You can be joyful when your body is flowing, when it is a riverlike flow.
Note: This matter is taken from
The Supreme Doctrine
Chapter – 5 title: It is your being
Question – 2

Exactly, precisely. The healthy organism is always capable of achieving peaks of orgasm. It is orgasmic. It is streaming, flowing.

When a happy man laughs, he laughs as if his whole body laughs. It is not just the lips, it is not just the face. From the feet to the head he laughs as a total organism. Ripples of laughter flow through his being. His whole bio-energy is rippled through with laughter. It is in a dance. When a healthy man is sad,. he’s really sad, totally. When a healthy man is angry, he is really angry, totally. When he makes love, he is love; nothing else. When he makes love, he only makes love.

In fact, to say that he makes love is not right. The expression in English is vulgar because love cannot be made. It is not that he makes love he is love. He is nothing but love energy. And that’s the way he is in all that he does. If he is walking, he is just a walking energy. There is no walker in it. If he is digging a hole, he is just the digging.

A healthy man is not an entity; he is a process, a dynamic process. Or we can say that a healthy man is not a noun but a verbnot a river but a rivering. He is continuously flowing in all dimensions, overflowing. And any society that prevents this, is pathological. Any person who is inhibited in any way, is pathological, lopsided. Only a part, not the whole, is functioning.

Many women don’t know what orgasm is. Many men don’t know what a total orgasm is. Many achieve only a local orgasm, a genital orgasm; it is confined to the genitals. Just a small ripple in the genitals and finished. It is not like possession when the whole body moves into a whirlpool and you are lost in an abyss. For a few moments time stops and the mind does not function. For a few moments you do not know who you are. This Then it is a total orgasm.

Man is unhealthy and pathological because society has crippled him in many ways. You are not allowed to love totally, you are not allowed to be angry; you are not allowed to be yourself. A thousand and one limitations are enforced.

If you really want to be healthy, you have to uninhibit yourself. You have to undo all that the society has done to you. The sSociety is very criminal, but that is the only society we have, so nothing can be done right now. Each one has to work his own way out of this pathological society, and the best way is to start becoming orgasmic in as many ways as possible.

If you go swimming, then swim, but swim as a total being so you become swimming, a verb; the noun is dissolved. If you run, then run; then becoming running, not a runner. In your Olympics you have runners, egos, competitors . . . all ambitious. If you can simply run without the runner being there, that running becomes zZen; it becomes meditative. Dance, but don’t become a dancer, because the dancer starts manipulating and then he is not total. Just dance and let the dance take you wherever it wants to.

Allow life, trust life, and by and by life will destroy all your inhibitions, and energy will start streaming in all those parts where it has been prevented.
So whatsoever you do, do with this hidden idea that you have to become more flowing. If you hold somebody’s hand, really hold it. You are holding it anyway, so why waste this moment? Really hold it! Don’t just be two dead hands holding each other, each wondering when the other is going to leave. If you talk, then let the talk be passionate, otherwise you will bore others and yourself.

Life should be a passion, a vibrating passion, a pulsating passion, a tremendous energy. Whatsoever you do it should not be dull, ; otherwise don’t do it. There is no duty to do anything, but whatever whatsoever you feel like doing, really do it.

All inhibitions will disappear by and by, and your whole life will be reclaimed. Your body will be reclaimed; your mind will be reclaimed. The sSociety has crippled the body, the mind everything. It has They have given you certain choices; very narrow slits are open and you can only see through from those slits. You are not allowed to see the total.

Note: This matter is taken from

Darshan Diaries
Beloved of My Heart
Chapter – 15 title: Life Should Not be Passion
It is good that humour is arising in Chinmaya. Allow it, don’t crush it. Help it to come, let it surface. Humor Humour will join your split parts, humor humour will glue your fragments into one whole. Have you not observed it? When you laugh have a hearty laugh, suddenly all fragments disappear and you become one. When you laugh, your soul and your body are one they laugh together. When you think, your body and soul are separate. When you cry, your body and soul are one; they function in harmony.

Remember always: that all those things are good, for the good, which make you one whole. Laughter, crying, dancing, singing all those that makes you one piece, in which you function as one harmony, not separate. Thinking can go on in the head, and the body can go on doing a thousand and one things; you can continue go on eating, and the mind can continue go on thinking. This is split. You walk along on the road: the body is walking and you are thinking. ; Nnot thinking of the road, not thinking of the trees that surround it, not thinking of the sun, not thinking of the people who are passing, but thinking of other things, of other worlds.

But laugh, and if the laugh is really deep, if it is not just a pseudo-laugh, just on the lips, suddenly you feel your body and your soul are functioning together. It is not only in the body, it goes deepest into your core. It arises from your very being and spreads towards the circumference. You are one in laughter.
Note: This matter is taken from
Take it Easy
Chapter –12 title: Gladly Beyond any Experience
Question – 1

In a New England resort town there was a man so homely that he was the butt of every practical joke that the townsfolk his townfolk could think up. A plastic surgeon who visited the resort on a vacation was so touched by his ugliness that he offered to change the man’s face without charge. In fact, he said, just for the heck of it, I will do some plastic surgery that will make you the handsomest man in New England.

Just before he put the man under the knife, the surgeon said, Do you want me to change your face completely, totally?

No, answered the man, not too much. I want the fellows to know who it is who is so handsome.

This is how the ego functions. You want the fellows to know who it is who is so handsome. You want the fellows to know who it is who is so meek, so humble, who it is who is standing at the back of the queue. If even that much desire is there the ego is completely alive, thriving. Nothing has changed. Only a total change is a change.

Note: This matter is taken from

Tao: The Pathless Path, Vol 2
Chapter –12 title: Stand in Your Son’s Shoes
Question – 5

Sammy Hymie Goldberg loses a lot of money on the stock market and is in a terrible state. He goes to visit his doctor and says, “Doctor, doctor, my hands won’t stop shaking.”

“Tell me,” says the doctor, “do you drink a lot?”
“I can’t,” says Sammy Hymie, “I spill most of it.”
“I see,” says the doctor and then proceeds to give Sammy Hymie a thorough examination. When he has finished he says, “Tell me, do you get a tingling in your arms, aches in your knees and sudden dizzy spells?”
“Yes,” replies Sammy Hymie, “that’s exactly what I get.”
“That’s funny,” says the doctor, “so do I . . . I wonder what it is!”
Then the doctor refers to his notes for several minutes before looking up and saying, “Tell me, have you had this before?”

“Yes,” says Sammy Hymie, “I have.”

“Well, there you are then,” replies the doctor, pressing the buzzer for the next patient. “You have got it again!”

Note: This matter is taken from

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih
Chapter – 15 title: The Three rings of love
Question – 2

When Fred Hymie comes back from visiting the doctor, he looks terrible. He Hymie tells his wife, Becky, that the doctor had said that he was going to die before the night was out. She hugs him, and they cry a little, and Becky suggests they go to bed early to make love one more time.

They make love until Becky falls asleep, but Fred Hymie is afraid to sleep because it is his last night on earth. He lies there in the dark while Becky snores.

Fred Hymie whispers in his wife’s ear, “Becky, please, just one more time for old times’ sake.” But Becky keeps on snoring.

Fred Hymie looks at his watch, leans over to his wife, and shakes her hard, . “Please, Becky, just one more time for old times’ sake!”

Becky simply looks at him and says, “Fred Hymie, how can you be so selfish? It is alright for you, but I have to get up in the morning.”

Note: This matter is taken from

The Razor’s Edge
Chapter –17 title: Playing a part in the movie

Question – 2
All old people are doing that everywhere in every family, just testing the peace of their relatives.

Sammy Hymie Goldberg looked very sad; his wife was sick, so he called the doctor. After examining Mrs. Goldberg, the doctor said to Sammy Hymie, “I am afraid it is bad news: your wife has only a few hours to live. I hope you understand there is nothing more to be done. Don’t let yourself suffer.”

“It is all right, doc,” said Goldberg, “I have suffered for forty years, I can suffer a few more hours. It is not a big problem.
Note: This matter is taken from

The Rebel
Chapter –18 title: Every desire creates conflict

Question – 1
Just remember the definition of health. When you don’t feel your body at all, your body is healthy. You feel your head only when you have a headache. When you don’t have any headache, you don’t have any head either it is simply light, it has no weight. When your legs are hurting, you have them. When they are not hurting, they are absent. When the body is healthy my definition of health is that you are absolutely unaware of its existence, whether it is there or not makes no difference.

And the same is true about the healthy mind. It is only the insane mind that which is felt. When the mind is sane, silent, it is not felt. When the body and mind both are in a stillness, your soul can be experienced more easily, with a laughter. There is no need to be serious at all.

Particularly here with me, laughter is the way, seriousness is the hindrance. There are situations in which one feels serious, but if one is alert enough, one can laugh even in those situations.
Then laughter becomes a tremendously helpful technique in transforming you, a great alchemy.
Sammy Hymie Goldberg went to his doctor, feeling very run down due to worry over money matters. “Relax,” the doctor ordered, “just two weeks ago I had another fellow who was upset because he could not pay his tailor’s bills. I told him to forget them and now he feels great.”
“I know,” said Goldberg, “I am his tailor.”
Now, there are situations . . . bBut if you are a little alert, even in the situation of Sammy Hymie Goldberg, you would have laughed, “This is strange! This doctor has suggested to my customer, `forget all about paying money,’ and he is feeling great. And he is telling this to me and I am the tailor.”

You will find But such situations, such ridiculous situations, you will find everywhere. Life is full of them such situations.

A man got on the bus with at least a dozen children. A little old lady asked him if they were all his.
“Of course not,” the man snapped, “I am a contraceptive salesman and these are all complaints.”
Just look around, you will find many such all kinds of situations. Learn the art of enjoying them.
Hymie Goldberg went to an art exhibition with Mrs. Goldberg. Hymie was gazing rapturously at a painting of a beautiful girl, dressed only in a fig leaf. The title of the painting was SPRING.
“Well,” snapped Mrs. Goldberg, “are you waiting for autumn?”
JJoe had been bitten by a dog. The wound was taking a long time to heal, so he went to see his doctor who ordered that the dog to be brought in. Just as the doctor suspected, the dog had rabies. “I am afraid it is too late to give you serum,” the doctor told JJoe.

JJoe sat down at the doctor’s desk and begin to write fanatically. “Perhaps it won’t be so bad,” consoled the doctor, “there is no need to write your will right now.”
“I am not making out my will,” replied JJoe, “I am just writing out a list of people I am going to bite.”
If nothing can be done and I am going to be mad, then why not use the opportunity? Such a great opportunity…. . . .

Rafia, seriousness is not at all a part of my teachings. Enjoy life, laugh at the ridiculousness of things all around. Laugh the whole way to God’s temple. Those who have laughed enough have reached it; the serious people are still wandering around with long faces.

Note: This matter is taken from

The Rebel
Chapter –22 title: Laughter is divine

Question – 3
Young Dr. Dagburt goes out with Dr. Bones, a general practitioner, to observe him on home visits. “I will conduct the first two,” says Bones. “Watch closely, then you give it a try.”

At the first house, they are met by a distressed man. “My wife is having terrible stomach cramps,” he says.
Dr. Bones does a brief examination, then gets on his hands and knees and looks under the bed. “Madam,” says Bones, “you must cut out your ridiculous intake of sweets and chocolate, and you will be well in a day.” Dagburt peeks under the bed and sees candy wrappers littering the floor.

On the next call they are met by a distraught Becky Goldberg. “It is Sammy Hymie, doctor!” she cries. “He was very forgetful all day yesterday, and today he has been falling over a lot. When I put him to bed, he passed out.”

Examining Sammy Hymie, Bones gets down on the floor and looks under the bed. “It is a very simple problem,” Bones says to Sammy Hymie. “You are drinking too much!” Young Dr. Dagburt sneaks a look under the bed and sees seven empty gin bottles.

At the third house, it is Dagburt’s turn. He rings the doorbell and there is a long delay before a flushed young woman answers.
“Your husband asked us to call,” says Dagburt. “He said you were not yourself this morning, and asked us to give you an examination.”
So they go upstairs, and the woman lies down. Dagburt examines her and then he looks under the bed. “Okay,” he concludes, “I prescribe you follow a dairy-free diet and you will be fine.”
As they are leaving, Bones is puzzled and asks, “How did you reach that conclusion about the dairy-free diet?”
“Well,” says Dagburt, “I followed your example and looked under the bed where I found a milkman!”

Slobovia meets Kowalski at the Pope and Hooker pub for a few midnight beers.

“How is your wife’s cooking?” asks Kowalski.
“I came home tonight,” says Slobovia, “and my wife was crying and weeping because the dog had eaten a pie she made for me. ` Don’t cry,’ I told her, ` I will buy you another dog.‘” ’ ”

“Mr. Klopman,” says Doctor Bones, “even though you are a very sick man, I think I will be able to pull you through.”
“Doctor,” cries Klopman, “if you do that, when I get well, I will donate five thousand dollars to for your new hospital.”
Months later, Bones meets Klopman in the street. “How do you feel?” he asks.
“Wonderful, doctor, just fine!” says Klopman. “Never felt better!”
“I have been meaning to speak to you,” says Bones. “What about the money for the new hospital?”
“What are you talking about?” asks says Klopman.
“You said,” replies Bones, “that if you got well, you would donate five thousand dollars for the new hospital.”
“I said that?” asks Klopman. “That just shows how sick I was!”

Rupesh, give the first drum and everybody goes crazy.

Note: This matter is taken from

Discourse Series
Zen: The Quantum Leap From Mind to No-Mind

Chapter –12 title: The buddha is hiding in the paper bag
Moishe Finkelstein’s wife, Ruthie, is always complaining about his bad performance in bed, so Moishe goes to visit his doctor. Doctor Bones prescribes some new miracle pills that are sure to do the trick.

A month later, Moishe returns to see Doctor Bones. “The pills are fantastic,” says Moishe, “I have been making love three times a night.”
“That’s great,” chuckles Bones. “And what does your wife say about your lovemaking now?”
“Ah, I don’t know,” replies Moishe, “I have not been home yet.”
Note: This matter is taken from

Discourse Series
Zen: The Quantum Leap From Mind to No-Mind

Chapter –12 title: The buddha is hiding in the paper bagIt is a bright Monday morning in downtown Santa Banana, California. Getting ready for his first patients to arrive, is the neospecialist in super-surgery, Doctor Decapitate. Doctor Decapitate looks around at his modern, high-tech, computerized, chromium-plated office, pushes a button, and in walks his first patient, Porky Poke.

“Doc!” cries Porky, his head wrapped in bandages.
“Ah! Don’t tell me!” shouts Doctor Decapitate. “It is your head!”
“That is fantastic!” cries Porky. “How did you know?”
“I could tell immediately,” replies Doctor Decapitate. “I have been in this business for thirty years!” Then the doctor fiddles with some switches and buttons on his computer, and cries, “There is no doubt about it you have a splitting migraine headache.”
“That is incredible!” says Porky. “I have had it all my life. Can you cure me?”
“Okay,” says Decapitate, consulting his computer screen, “this may sound a little drastic, but there is only one way I can help. I will have to remove your left testicle.”
“My God! My left ball?” cries Porky. “Well, okay. I will do anything to stop this headache!”
So one week later, Porky Poke waddles out of Decapitate’s private surgery, missing his left nut, but feeling like a new man.
“It is gone!” cries Porky, trying to dance, but finding his movements painfully restricted. “My migraine is gone!”

To celebrate the occasion, Porky goes directly to Moishe Finkelstein’s Tailoring Boutique to get a whole new wardrobe of clothes.
Moishe takes one look at Porky and says, “You must be a size forty-two jacket.”
“That’s right!” exclaims Porky. “How did you know?”
“I could tell immediately,” replied Moishe, “I have been in this business for thirty years. And you wear a size thirty-six pants with a thirty-fourinch inseam leg.”

“Amazing!” shouts Porky. “That is incredible. You are absolutely right!”
“Of course I am right,” replies Moishe. “I have been doing this all my life. And you take a size nine and a half shoe.”
“Unbelievable!” cries Porky. “That is exactly right.”
“And,” says Moishe, “you wear a size four underwear.”
“No!” replies Porky. “You are wrong. I wear a size three.”
“That is not possible,” snaps Moishe, taking a closer look. “You wear a size four underwear.”
“Ah no, I don’t!” says Porky. “All my life I have worn size three!”
“Okay,” says Moishe, “you can wear a size three but it is going to give you a terrible migraine!”
Note: This matter is taken from
The Zen Manifesto: Freedom From Oneself
Chapter –12 title: The sky of completion

Question – 4


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