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Chapter 5 – Vital experiments in meditation

Nine Sutras


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Sun of Consciousness

Chapter #1

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17 October 1970 am in Poona, India

Chapter 5

Vital experiments in meditation

My Bbeloved Oones,

Last year, in a world conference of biologists, the president of the British Biological Association, Badkun, gave Institute of Biology, Sir Frederick Bawden made a statement. I want to begin today’s talk with that statement. He said a very significant thing in that statement. He said something very significant. He said that the evolution of human life is not the addition a matter of anything new to it, being added to man; but the falling down rather it is the disappearance of some old hindrances previous characteristics that have been hindering his development. In the whole evolution of man, nothing gets added additional has been added to him, only what is, What was hidden in man dormant in him simply becomes manifest. Only the hindrances, in between, get put aside. It is only a question of some obstacles being cleared away. If you we compare man and to the animals, the man has nothing more than the animal doesnot have anything more than them; rather in fact he has less. The hindrances that animals have, have fallen off in the man and what is dormant in animals has manifested in the man. Characteristics that are there in animals have disappeared in man. What was already potentially present in animals has finally become manifest in man.

Between a seed and its flower, …..the flower does not have anything more than that was not contained in the seed, rather it has less. It appears very contradictory but actually this it is the truth. The hindrances limitations that were there for in the seed, have disappeared dropped and the seed has become a flower has manifested.

If you compare plants Compared to the animals, the plants have more limitations hindrances in them. If they fall away, the plants will become animals. If those limitations were to disappear, the plant would move on to the animal realm. If the hindrances of animals fall away, the animals will become man.If the limitations of animals were to disappear, they would move on to the realm of humans. If the hindrances of man drop, then whatever is left, is called God. When humans’ limitations disappear, then what remains is called godliness, the divine. If all hindrances drop, all that is dormant becomes manifest completely, then whatever name we want to give to that energy soul, God or anything or even if we do not want to give it a name, that will do. If all limitations were to drop, what is dormant in us would become fully manifest. Then, whatever name we would like to give it-soul, godliness – is okay. Or if we don’t want to give it any name, that too is okay. Man has yet hindrances in him and hence there is possibility of his growth. Man still has limitations within, and that is the possibility of his growth. Badkun Bawden has nothing to do with spirituality , but his statement is exactly like that; that twenty five centuries ago Buddha gave after his enlightenment the same as the one Buddha made after his enlightenment, twenty-five centuries ago.

The day Buddha was became enlightened, people asked him, “What have you attained?” Buddha said, “I have attained nothing, what was already within me has become manifest, has become known to me. I have attained nothing, what I was already and I was asleep to it I have awakened to it I have only awakened to that which I already was and was asleep to.” Buddha also said,”I want to say only this to you even this that there was ignorance and it is lost, there was nonsense sleep and it is lost and Now I can say that what I have attained, now I can say that I already had it, only I was only unaware of it.

There is no difference between in the statements of Badkun Bawden and Buddha. But Badkun’s Bawden’s statement is given in reference refer to species that are behind man, and Buddha’s statement has been given in reference refers to the Individual who has gone ahead of man. The process of meditation does not take you to some new world ; it only introduces you to the world in which where you have already been for lives upon lives. The process of meditation does not add anything to you, it only takes away what is wrong; cuts it away, sheds it off.

Someone was saying once said to a sculptor that you have made this statue very beautiful “You have made a very beautiful statue.”. The sculptor said, “I have not made it. I was only passing through that way by and the statue hidden in this stone called out to me. I have only cut away the unwanted parts of the stone that were there and the statue has appeared. I have not added anything, I have only taken something away” lessened something.

If one cuts away the wrong which is what is false in man, becomes what is hidden in him becomes manifests. God is nothing Godliness is not something different from man. It is the name of the energy hidden in the man. But as we are, there is a lot of clay mixed in with the gold. If the clay is removed, the gold becomes manifest.

So about meditation, the first thing that I have to say to you about meditation is that what you will be become in the last moments of your growth in meditation in the final stages of meditation, that you already are, here and now. Meditation will not add anything to you but it will remove some things from you. It will cut away some the wrong from in you. It will destroy somethings that are not wanted , and what is significant, that will get real will have the opportunity to manifest totally. Nothing new will be added, only what is hindering your growth old hindrances will be dropped. The experiments that we are going to do in during these four days , in order to drop these hindrances, they that are blocking your growth, are very vital, very alive experiments. And For all those of you who will be are ready to do it them honestly, for them results are certain to happen. It will be good to understand what I mean by the word “honesty” honestly.

What I mean by “honesty” is that those who will really experiment; for them the result is certain. I mean results are certain for those who really experiment totally. Only those who are not total will get not results and they cannot expect results. will have no results who would not do it. And the results cannot be expected of them either. I am not asking anything else from you of you any other ability. No, no other qualification is needed. Only one qualification is required, that do what I am asking you to do going to say to you during these four days, you will do it. And what I am going to ask say for you to do, it is not difficult, it is simple. Even small children can do it. Hence you need not think that it may be so difficult that you won’t be able are unable to do it. No, if there is going to be will be any difficulty, that can be only in it will only be because you are being insincere to with yourself, it cannot It will not be in the technique itself. because Eeven a any small child who understands language can do it. So I will explain to you the experiment to you. It’s very simple.

All significant things are simple. It is the insignificant things that are complex and difficult. All truths are simple, it is the untruth that is complex.

But we are strange people! But people are strange – If something seems very complex and difficult , we they think it must be some very profound truth, some very deep truth. It is not so. All truths of life are as simple as two and two make four. ; Only untruths are difficult. The untruth has to be difficult, because if it is simple it will become clear be caught that it is untrue. The untruth has to move cunningly in into circles and through cunningness so that it cannot be found discovered to be untruth. Truth stands just simply straight and naked. As it is, so it is. There’s no need for it to hide or to change faces. This is why all the difficult things that have been said in the world are generally untruths untrue. All the true things that have been said in the world, are generally simple and straightforward. Be it Whether it is the Upanishads, be it or the Geeta, be it or the Koran, be it or the Bible or be it whether it is the words of Buddha or Mahavira, they are as simple as like two and two making make four.

This experiment that I am to tell show you is very simple. and It brings amazing results. In this experiment there are four stages of ten minutes each. In the first three stages, you are have to do something and but in the fourth stage, you do not have to do anything. Yyou have only to wait for the divine energy God’s energy to do something to work. In the first stage, the experiment involves ten minutes of fast breathing. For ten minutes you have to breathe in such a manner as like a blacksmith’s bellows blows. Yyou have to breathe as fast as you can, the breathing has to hit as deeply as possible. Breathing has to be used like (a) bellows. Firstly, the lifeenergy that is dormant within us will awakens when the breathing hits hard. Perhaps you may not be knowing know that in our bodies not only in our body bodies, but the energy which that is dormant in all forms of life, is nothing but a form of electricity. The energy with which our bodies are functioning is also a form of electricity. This organic electricity is the lifeenergy. The more oxygen this electricity life energy gets, the more intensely it will awakens. This is why people have died die from lack of without oxygen, but eEven if one someone is just on the verge of death and oxygen is given to him , he can be kept alive for some time at least at least sometime.

In these ten minutes, you have to inhale exhale with such force that all the air inside your body will goes out and the fresh air of from the outside goes will come in. The proportion of oxygen in your body has to be changed. It will changes on its own. Aand the hit force of the breathing has to be so forceful such that the energy , which is asleep in the body will starts awakening. Within five minutes of beginning this experiment, in the bodies of at least sixty percent people will feel vibrations will begin in their bodies. You will feel it very clearly that something has begun to vibrating vibrate and to rising rise upwards. Yoga has called it Kundalini. If we ask science , it will call say it is bodyelectricity., It will say this is the electricity of the body.

There is a man in America there was a man with whose bodyelectricity very amazing experiments have been were done. His body electricity is was more than what is usual. He did would perform some special experiments on with breathing and then he took a would take a five watt bulb in his hand, and it would light up. which became lit. In Sweden, there is one was a woman still alive, whom no one can could touch her. She could not get be married because in touching anyone who touched her, one gets the same got a shock as one gets from the electricity like and electric shock. These few people have specially extra electricity in their bodies. Also and there may be some chemical differences, hence the in their bodies which make the results are so strong. But there is electricity in everyone’s body. Now on the very first day you will see the results on in sixty percent of the people here. It can could happen to a hundred percent people there is no reason why it cannot couldnot (-). Bbut forty percent of people, generally, do not participate and keep standing behind and just stand around. This has been my observation and therefore I am talking which is why I say of sixty percent. But I will say to each one of you , to be amongst the sixty percent and not amongst the forty percent.

Only after about five minutes, you will feel that something in your body has begun started vibrating and rising upwards. You will feel that the your body is getting becoming filled with a new energy. By the time you have completed ten minutes of this experiment, you will be in an electrified state. The Your whole body will become a flow of energy. Naturally it will have its effects. When there will be are forceful vibrations in the body, the body will start shaking, moving, dancing.

The second stage of the this experiment , is also of ten minutes in which one you has have to allow the body totally to shake, dance or do anything that it wants to do, is also ten minutes. Its results are cathartic. We You have suppressed our bodies your body in a thousand and one ways. We, you have also suppressed our your minds in many, many ways. The person who wants to go into meditation, has first to be free of these suppressions. We You have suppressed anger. We, you have suppressed desires. We, you have suppressed worries. There are a thousand and one things we you have suppressed in our your minds. When we you wanted to weep, we have not wept you did not weep; when we you wanted to laugh, we have not laughed you did not laugh; when we you wanted to shout, we have not shouted you did not shout; when we you wanted to dance, we have not danced you did not dance. All that we have kept suppressed. You have suppressed all these things. There are thousand and one innumerable kinds of suppressions in the mind as well as in the body. Unless those repressions these suppressions are dropped allowed to be released, mind cannot be light enough to be in meditation. Hence So in the second ten minutes, you have to cooperate fully completely with the body and allow it total freedom. If the body wants to dance, allow it to dance totally; if the body wants to shout, allow it to shout totally; if the body wants to cry, allow it to cry totally. Whatever the body wants to do only with your body, not with others’ bodies whatever it wants to do, allow it total freedom and cooperation cooperate with it.

About sixty percent people will suddenly find a lot that much is happening within themselves inside them. To most of the people it will happen on its own, with no problem for them; . bBut for the friends who feel that nothing is happening to them , on its own, it is only because they are have suppressed so strong in their suppressions much that the layer in between is not allowing them to reach inside go deep inside. I will say to them not to bother about it They should not worry about it. If It is not happening to them you, then even then you should do whatever they you can do, they should do for the ten minutes. If they you can manage to dance, even a little, they you should keep dancing. It is not a question of any method, rhythm or technique. If they you can even just barely shout, they should remain shouting. Tomorrow itself, they will you may find that there is has been a breakthrough and then from there has started to come out all the bitterness will start to come out spontaneously. The effects of these this ten minutes are is very deep. After these this ten minutes of dancing, shanting shouting, shaking, and laughing, you will become so light as perhaps lighter than you have never ever been before in your life.

The electricity that will awakens in your body in the first stage will help you in dancing, shouting, crying and laughing. You also have to cooperate from your side, and whatever comes from within has to be totally allowed to happen totally. If your hands are shaking even a little bit, you make them shake totally so that whatever impulses are suppressed in them get can be released, catharted. Through this experiment, so much more can happen in these four days than can which cannot happen even in four years through any other common experiment.

After the second stage your body will feel weightless, as if it has become absolutely light, as if it can fly. Twofold things will be felt. After the first stage, the body will be felt feel to be full of energy. ; Aafter the second stage, energy will be fully there but the body would will have become weightless and light. After the second stage, you will clearly feel it that there is no body but only an energy.

In this second stage, an amazing phenomenon will be experienced by those of you who have really been total with the this experiment, and that is, that for the first time they you will start feeling that the body is and you are separate and I am separate. If you let go of your body totally, your identity with the body will be broken. This can happen today. ; Tthe only condition is that you cooperate with it totally, that you prevent nothing on your part do not hold back. You are not to worry what others will think that when you will dance or shout what will someone else say. Whatever is happening from inside you, you let it happen, you do not worry about it. And then in this ten minutes, what you have always heard and read that the body and you are separate will become part of your experience. You will see the dancing body separate from you, ; you will become be a witness that the body is weeping. You will be able to see very clearly that someone else is laughing and I am you are witnessing. This realization is a necessary door for taking one deep into meditation. Without this, no one can be in meditation.

After this experience has In the third stage when this experience would have happened in the second stage that the body is separate and I am separate, in the third stage there will arise a natural question : then as to who am I? Up to til now I thought that I was you were the body, I was you were the breathing, ; now body and breathing are appearing as separate from me – you. tThen who am I are you? In this third stage we you will ask within ourselves yourselves, who am I?

In the first ten minutes, fast and wild breathing, in the second ten minutes, absolute cooperation with the body, ; and in the third ten minutes, the intense inquiry, query: Who am I? You have to ask the question within yourselves so vigorously that from toe to your head to your toe, only one question starts echoing:Who am I? And the waves of electricity that must have been will be awakened by now, this stage will catch your question and will start echoing in the vibrations of the whole body -‘ ; who am I? You have to ask the question so quickly fast that there is no space between two who am I’s? ‘s. You have to ask it with such force that there is no time, or energy or convenience left for thinking anything else. So, for ten minutes only one question remains. After five minutes of intense questioning inside, to for many of you friends it would will have taken over loudly on the outside. There is nothing to be worried about it. , but

In the beginning,who am I? is to be asked within yourselves. If it starts coming outside, out as a shouting shout, let it come out. Nothing to Don’t worry about it. In After thirty minutes your body will be tired, your vitality will be tired, your mind energy will be tired. These three stages will make the three forces tired. And in the You have to do all this so vigorously for thirty minutes, you have to reach to such a climax of tension, you have to do all this in thirty minutes so vigorously that now even if you want to shout, you would not be able to, you would will remain silent. But If you go on slowly asking who am I? ‘ slowly like a dead man , then that momentum which is essential would will not be created which is essential. The water has to be boiled heated to 100 one hundred degrees to evaporate into vapor. It does not evaporate at 98 ninety-eight degrees, nor or at 99 ninety-nine degrees. You cannot say to existence, God that just “Why this stubbornness for just one degree “why this stubbornness. ? It has come up to 99 ninety-nine degrees,. pPlease make it vapor, vaporize. iIt is a matter of only one degree. It has come upto up to 99 ninety-nine degrees, why are you being so miserly just for one degree? But such things make no difference. The water will evaporate into vapor only at 100 hundred degrees. If you stop even at 99 ninety-nine degrees, evaporating into vapor evaporation is a far away faraway thing, . tThe water will gradually become cold again.

In Eexactly like this the same way, in each individual there is a point of climax from where the upward movement of life energies begins, from where the revolution begins, from where the mutation begins. If you do not reach to that 100 this one-hundred-degrees point, where man dissolves and God godliness begins, you will fall back to zero and the whole effort will be wasted. ; It will have no meaning. Hence, I will ask am asking you that to do whatever I am saying totally, do it honestly and see. See what it can do happens. Do the whole Experiment for four days and see it for yourself. Those who do it totally will experiment honestly, will attain to trust. Trust is not required beforehand. You need not believe believe that what I am saying will surely happen. You accept need to understand only this much: that this man is saying something, so let us experiment and see. ; If something happens, fine, ; if nothing happens, we will know that it was wrong not right. But if you did, do the happening is experiment totally, the result are as certain as the water evaporating at 100 one hundred degrees. Nobody needs to believe in it; water does not boil by because of any belief; . Yyou may be a non-believer, an atheist, it makes no difference; if you boil the water and it will still turn into vapor at a 100 one hundred degrees.

The meditation I am talking about, is a totally a scientific phenomenon. You may be an atheist, you may be a non-believer, you may be denying the soul, you may be denying religion . There is no problem, there is no need to believe in anything. You Do the experiment totally and you will find inner changes happening through that experiment experimentation.

Trust is the outcome of meditation, not a pre-requirement to prerequisite for it.

Let me say a few more things more before you stand up for the experiment. Those who may be are sick or weak, they are to can do the experiment it sitting, ; all the rest will can do the experiment standing. If you do it Sstanding, the results are will be quicker, ; sitting, the results are will not be that quick so fast. All will stand up leaving Everybody who is standing should leave enough space around. them Tthere is plenty of space here.

Sso that if you are dancing, you do not collide with anybody. But if one may you do collide, do not be bothered by about it.

There are two more things that I want to say. Before the experiment begins, I will ask you to close your eyes , and they are to remain closed for the forty minutes. This will should be your first firm resolve. This has to do be fulfilled this honestly. Even iIf you open the eyes even once, you lose will miss. ; Tthe energy that would have accumulated within you, will be wasted. The Major part Most of our your inner energy dissipates through our your eyes. ; Hhence your eyes have to be kept completely closed for forty minutes. Until I not give the suggestion, you are not to open your eyes. There will be shouting, crying, dancing all around you and within you, ; you need not bother about it. There may arise a desire to look, because the child within us does not die so soon. This inside inner child does not die as fast as one’s body changes; . he You may desire want to know what the next man is doing. For that purpose, reason I have called for a film crew. It The film will be ready today only, so we will show it at night and you can see completely who is doing what. Sso your curiosity will be satisfied. , Hhence you will not worry right now as to who is doing what. That yYou will be able to see everything in the film.

Onlookers Spectators are not allowed to be here. If someone is here only to see, look he should go outside the campus, or he may can go far in to the back, but no one will be here as a an onlooker. Anyone who is not participating in the meditation experiment, has to leave. ; Hhis presence will be a disturbance to all our friends here. He has to leave. When you are meditating, the whole atmosphere is charged, and even one non-participant standing in the middle harms and breaks the chain of energy. Such a person is not needed here. Hence those who do not want to participate, will cannot stand stay here, ; they will must leave quietly. Remove all the chairs from here, because someone may stumble on over them and fall over. You gGet up off the chairs and put them away.

Sun of Consciousness

Chapter #1

Chapter title: None

17 October 1970 am in Poona, India



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