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Message from Anadi

Message from Anadi

Hi friends
OIF loses again!
This is to inform all friends that the third attempt (their challenge to the last court order of not doing anything with the property of Osho Ashram until the case is going on) of Darshan Trust (a subsidiary of OIF) is foiled as; the Bombay High Court has disposed off their application recently.
It means that orders passed by Bombay High Court against Darshan Trust aresubsisting and irrevocable. The OIF gifting of ashram properties to Darshan Trust is bogus and designed to destroy Osho’s Buddha filed energy! The OIF is spending millions of $s around the world fighting cases against innocent Osho disciples. The time, money and energy which they are spending on these cases are waste as they are losing everywhere. One wonders how would they return this millions of $ they are spending in legal fights against Osho Sannyasins back to trusts where it belongs.



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