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Osho Commune says there is no Rajneesh Samadhi

Osho Commune says there is no Rajneesh Samadhi By Abhay Vaidya hidden July 30, 2012 14:28:54 IST

The Rajneesh Ashram is now denying that the place where his ashes are kept is his Samadhi.

The ongoing dispute over Osho’s Samadhi at the Osho Commune premises in Pune has taken a serious turn with the Osho International Foundation (OIF) denying the existence of any samadhi of Osho at the commune premises.

After Osho – Bhagwasn Shree Rajneesh to some – died in January 1990, his ashes were buried in his bedroom at his Chuang Tzu residence, to create his samadhi (final resting place) inside the Koregaon Park premises of the Osho Commune.

Decorated with a magnificent circular chandelier, marble floors, walls, pillars and an epitaph on the Samadhi, this room became a very important place of meditation for his followers. The samadhi has a special significance in eastern cultures and a section of Osho’s followers and others want the sanctity of this place respected for all times.

Over the last decade, however, the administrators of the commune and the OIF trustees have been trying to erase all references to the Samadhi. This dispute over the Samadhi has now taken a serious turn with one of the key OIF trustees rejecting its existence on the premises of the Commune in an affidavit before the Charity Commissioner (Mumbai).

“It is absolutely incorrect that there is any Samadhi of Osho on the property owned by the trust. There was never any Samadhi or any structure as Samadhi of Osho,” says the affidavit by OIF trustee, Mukesh Kantilal Sarda, filed before the Charity Commissioner on 17 July, 2012.

Sarda has stated that Osho “never believed and, in fact, was opposed to any kind of personal worship or anyone to be immortalised by any temporal or non-spiritual aspect like structure, idol, etc.”


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