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Osho land dispute: Trustee shown dead lives on

Osho land dispute: Trustee shown dead lives on

The Times of India

Former trustee claims Lalpratap Singh was shown dead in July 2008,but is still shown as a trustee of the Foundation till date





Osho land dispute: Trustee shown dead lives on
The Osho Meditation Resort has been in the news for gifting land to Delhi-based trust

There is something more than meets the eye when it comes to the ensuing dispute between Oshos followers in the city over gifting a piece of prime land in Koregaon Park to a Delhi-based trust.

A former trustee of Osho International Foundation (OIF),Koregaon Park and two others,who last month filed an application with the Charity Commissioner,Mumbai,opposing the move by the present trustees of the Foundation to gift a section of its Koregaon Park property to Darshan Trust,have now claimed that the Foundation had declared dead a living trustee for reasons unknown in 2008.

Former trustee Yogesh Thakkar alias Swami Prem Geet,Kishor Raval alias Swami Prem Anadi and Nitin Phulpaghar alias Swami Nitin Bharati have alleged an attempt on the part of their opponents to mislead Oshos numerous disciples.

Thakkar told Pune Mirror on Tuesday that they had come across an interesting piece of information while searching for reports of companies and trusts related to OIF.In the application submitted with the Charity Commissioner in Mumbai,Thakkar and his co-applicants have submitted that in the case of Osho Media International,earlier known as Sadhna Foundation,incorporated on March 8,1988,one of the directors Mr Lalpratap Singh was shown as dead on July 24,2008 whereas he is shown as trustee of the OIF even today.There must be a hidden agenda of the Foundation trustees to show him dead, said Phulpaghar.

When Mirror contacted the Foundation authorities,they confirmed that Lalpratap Singh,who is known as Swami Pratap in the inner circles,was staying in the Osho Ashram,and also gave us the internal telephone number to his room.There was no response to several calls made to Swami Pratap,but Ashram staff assured us that he is alive.The ashram refused to comment on the issue saying the matter is subjudice.

Thakkar said the OIF should not be indulging in such activities as its objectives are to impart education,organise meditation and other facilities to visitors.But they are more interested in the land which was developed by Shri Osho alias Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, he said.





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