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Osho’s Signature

Osho’s Signature

Osho’s Signature

OIF, Zurich has registered a trademark for one form of Osho’s signature in the US. This is so meaningless, that the US trademark challenge didn’t even bother with it. Like all trademark registrations, this does not mean that OIF owns this particular signature. More importantly, this registration has absolutely nothing to do with any other form of Osho’s signature. This registration does not mean OIF, Zurich owns “Osho’s signature” or that it owns Osho’ art that involved painted versions of His signature.

In reality, OIF, Zurich has never owned Osho’s signature because it never received an assignment of ownership rights in Osho’s signature (or of anything else) from Osho, who owned the rights to His own signature. Further, OIF, Zurich has never used that particular signature in the marketplace so the signature has not become a source-indicator for OIF.

Since OIF, Zurich has not used the signature since it was registered several years ago, OIF, Zurich has abandoned any trademark it might have had in the signature. It won’t help OIF, Zurich that it has sometimes used other versions of Osho’s signature on the website and in other places. Even a slight change will usually constitute abandonment of the original mark.

So anyone who wants to use Osho’s signature as artwork, go ahead and use it. If OIF harasses you, fill out an Intimidation questionnaire and choose a different version of the signature.



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