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The Book of Wisdom

The Book of Wisdom

Osho had wanted his discourses to be published in their original form without any change or abridgement. Just a few years after Osho left his body,His words are being tampered with and indeed mutilated.

This section presents the original edition of “The Book of Wisdom” highlighting the deleted chapters, text and words in red and addition and change of words in blue.



Table of contents


Chapter 1 – Atisha The Thrice Great
Chapter 2  – The Enlightenment of the Lily
Chapter 3 –  Sitnalta and the Seventeen Chakras
Chapter 4 – The Last Chance to Rebel
Chapter 5 –  Sowing White Seeds
Chapter 6 – Sannyas is for Lions
Chapter 7 – Learning the Knack
Chapter 8 –  Krishnamurtis Solo Flute
Chapter 9  – Watching the Watcher
Chapter 10 – Miracles are your Birthright
Chapter 11 –  Expelled from the World
Chapter 12 – Buddha in the Supermarket
Chapter 13  – Don’t make Wicked Jokes
Chapter 14 –  Other Gurus and Etceteranandas
Chapter 15  – The Smokeless Flame
Chapter 16 – The University of Inner Alchemy
Chapter 17  – Wake up the Slave
Chapter 18 – Dropping out of the Olympics
Chapter 19 –  The three rung ladder of Love
Chapter 20  – Diogenes and the Dog
Chapter 21 –  Vagabonds of the Soul
Chapter 22  –  The greatest Joke there is
Chapter 23  –  Behind the Master’s Hands
Chapter 24  – Bring in the New Man
Chapter 25  – We are Ancient Pilgrim
Chapter 26  – The illogical Electron
Chapter 27  – The Soul is a Question
Chapter 28 –  Be a Joke unto Yourself

Comments –

Swami Chaitanya Keerti’s Comments :

Every word spoken by a Buddha or the enlightened one is a pearl. It must be treasured and preserved as it is for eternity. An Enlightened one like a Buddha does not take birth every day. It is only after thousands of year the world is blessed with such a person. The whole Existence celebrates his presence on Earth. Twenty five centuries after Gautama the Buddha, the world was again blessed to have such a person on earth in the form of Osho.

Buddhas have a message for the whole world and for all time. Thus it is the duty of their disciples to make his message available in its purest form for the entire humanity. It was not possible to do so in the time of Gautama the Buddha, as the scientific means of communications were not developed then. Today we are fortunate that such means are available: in the form of printing, audio- video recordings, films and other digital means. All these can ensure that the message of a Buddha can remain available forever in its total purity.

Thus it is tragic that just a few years after Osho, the modern Buddha, left his body, that Osho’s words are tampered with and indeed deleted by those very people who were claiming until recently that they were controlling his publication work to maintain 24 carat purity of Osho’s message. As soon as they became sure of their control with the Registration of Copyright and Trademarks, they started destroying the purity of Osho’s work by heavily editing the publications. The Book of Wisdom published by Element Publishers in the West, is just one of the examples. Here almost one third of the entire text or …..words were cut out. You can see this for yourself here what has been edited out in the American edition of The Book Of Wisdom. And we leave it to your judgement to see whether it was right thing to do or not and if doing the same thing with all other 600 titles will be justified. Will Osho lovers and the coming generations of potential lovers and sannyasins allow this atrocious damage to the message of a Buddha?



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