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The Osho Samadhi

The Osho Samadhi









Mid Day – Mumbai, 8 August 2012

The Osho Samadhi
Osho Rajneesh. (right)The Osho ashram

In the coming weeks more is going to be heard of the storm brewing at the Osho ashram in Pune’s Koregaon park where according to insiders ‘ a handful of loyalists are intent on destroying the sanctity of Osho’s Samadhi for their own avarice.’ Media reports had alerted readers to the news of huge acres of prime property that belonged to the ashram being donated to the ‘ Darshan Trust’.

At stake is the circular marble floored, marble walled bedroom of the master and its majestic circular chandelier; recognized as Osho’s Samadhi where His followers were allowed to meditate silently. According to the reports, the Osho International Foundation (OIF), which controls all of Osho’s properties, has been taking gradual steps to erase the significance of the Samadhi for his devotees over the last few years. Given the past acrimonious skirmishes that had broken out amongst his followers and the amount at stake, you can be sure that the issue is not going to go away in hurry. Incidentally, we have seen the bedroom and it is the magnificent sight. We were particularly impressed by the state – of – the- art futuristic looking dentist’s equipment and chair in the corner. Apparently, the master had his teeth attended to in private!




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